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Photo Shoot | OC Photo Challenge #1-#3

Hi guys!

I’m back with a little extra for you today. See, I’ve been lacking inspiration to do some cool photo shoots lately and because of it I came up with a little challenge for myself. I call it the OC Photo Challenge and I cobbled it together from drawing challenges on Tumblr. I love those, but they’re not always very good for taking Sims photos, so I picked the ones I liked. That gave me 15 points.

Basically, the idea is to make 15 photo shoots of a character – in my case it’s Regina, unsurprisingly. I’ve decided not to do one a day, because that’ll just be annoying, though so far I have actually done once a day, lol. Anyway, each of the shoots have a theme which I’ve put in this little list:

As you may have guessed from the title, I’ve done three of the fifteen and I’d like to share them on the blog as well, because, well, you know I love this place. So, without further ado, here are the first three entries for my OC Photo Challenge!

#1 – Regular Outfit:

These are just plain old pictures of Gina, though I was inspired to do a little experimental editing.

#2 – Gender Swapping:

You guys may know I’ve done gender swapping before. It’s ridiculously fun and of course this time it was just as fun as well. (I’m glad Gina turned out better than her dad *wince*). I even got carried away and took extra pictures. First a little comparison image of Regina and Boygina. (Did you miss my dumb punny genderbent names?)

And finally, because I couldn’t help myself, I genderswapped Enzo as well. (Girlzo! Sorry).

If you want more serious genderbent names for them, I imagine it would be Giorgio and Vienna. I seriously want to do a genderbent AU now, but all my works in progress are glaring at me. (I just really, really want to, guys).

#3 – With Glasses:

This is when things started getting out of hand. All this challenge was meant to be was, simply, Gina in a pair of glasses. But I ended up dressing her in a cute nerd outfit and coming up with another AU. In this one, Gina’s family aren’t criminals. She’s a regular student of art history (it’s canon that she studied art history, but she flunked out after a year), who’s struggling to keep up her grades. The nerd outfit is her trying to ‘get into the spirit’ by dressing like a nerd. It does not work. In this AU she would have met Enzo at university instead and they would clash because of their different upbringings. They eventually bond and she helps him be less stiff and formal while he helps her keep her focus and study.

Thank You For Reading!

I hope you enjoyed this little look at my challenge. So far it’s been really inspiring and, as you can probably tell, it’s already inspired me to think in many different directions. If any of you would like to try and do something like this as well, please do say, as I’d love to check your pictures out. Oh, and if you’d like to see these as I post them, you might want to have a look at my Tumblr. (I already have entry #4 out at the time of this writing, but that’ll be in the next post on WP).

Now then, I thank you so much for reading along and looking at the pictures, if you made it this far. I hope everyone’s having a great time and I’ll see you in the next post.



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