Here you will find recaps for generation 2 of Monte Vista Stories. You can use these to catch up to where the story is at the moment, in case you’re too busy to read it all. Alternatively, they’re for if you need a refresher of what happened in the last chapter, since there’s sometimes a long time between chapters. If you’re not up to date and want to avoid spoilers, tread with care!

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1. Regina:
While visiting her mother’s cabin with her family, Regina is woken up in the middle of the night by male voices. To her delight, it’s two boys her own age who are trying to steal her mother’s car – and failing. She teases them and asks them to meet her the following night so that she can show them how to properly commit a crime. In the morning, she ponders telling her family about it, but decides against it. It would be a shame to worry them, after all!

2. Lockpicking for Beginners:
Regina goes to meet with the boys and only one of them shows up. Not that she minds – it’s the one she thought was gorgeous, Enzo. The two of them break into the library. He learns about her family connections, and she learns that his name is Vincente and that he’s from a wealthy family descended from nobility. They agree to meet up the next evening to do more breaking and entering.

3. Tension:
During another nightly excursion, Enzo tries and fails to pick a lock. She does it for him to get them inside the public pool quickly. Once inside, they talk about their respective families. He tells her that he’s supposed to be a lawyer and later inherit his dad’s estate – and it’s not something he gets to choose. When Gina tells him she has a choice about her profession, he doesn’t seem to believe it. On a later excursion, he manages to pick a lock for the first time, and there’s a growing tension between the two.

4. A Good Teacher:
Regina is caught sneaking out by her sister Marta, who agrees not to say anything about it, so long as Gina doesn’t stay out too long. She keeps meeting up with Enzo, and gradually the two stop breaking and entering – they prefer to talk. By the time two weeks have passed, Gina finally sees her chance and tells him that she wants a kiss. He wants the same and several kisses follow. Years later, Gina would wonder if she knew it would be the last.

5. A Lesson on Wealth:
Regina waits for Enzo at the spot where they usually meet, but when he shows up he’s late and acting strangely. He tells her he doesn’t want to see her anymore because of his family’s standing in town. He claims that the only reason he was seeing her was to alleviate his boredom. Gina, devastated, shouts obscenities and goes home. Another nasty surprise awaits her back at the cabin. It turns out that Enzo’s dad reported her for “harassing” his son. She’s admonished and then comforted by her dad, who tells her that’s how wealthy people are.

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6. A Father’s Pride:
Eight years later, Regina is in Collesena to talk to a client about a painting. It was stolen from her, then stolen from the thief. Gina doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for the woman; despite the fact that she works for rich people all the time, she doesn’t care for them. Her dad tells her that their client asked specifically for her and that Gina is making a good reputation for herself. Meanwhile, Enzo is heading off to work and later on to Monte Vista. His dad isn’t approving, but Enzo does his best to control his anger. While walking, he looks around, hoping he might see Regina as he has done for the past eight years.

7. The Forgery:
Regina is back in Monte Vista and she’s quite on edge. She has to run herself ragged to keep herself from snapping at people. It doesn’t even really work: She meets up with her best friend, Carlotta, to steal the painting Ms. Antonini asked for, and she ends up snapping at Lotta. They make up after and go to get the painting. It turns out it’s a forgery, though, and just as they’re about to leave, they’re discovered by the last person Gina wants to see.

8. Certified Forgery:
Gina and Enzo’s first meeting in eight years isn’t exactly a positive experience. He calls the police on her and Carlotta, and while waiting Gina makes it clear to him that the painting is fake. To her surprise, he’s absolutely terrified. A police officer comes, but immediately lets Gina and Carlotta go. Once home, the reality of the meeting hits her, and she’s comforted by her dad… at the same time, she’s saddened because he’s yet again talking of retirement. Meanwhile, Enzo is freaking out about the forged painting. His best friend, Lorenzo, tries to calm him down, but Enzo insists that he’s going to see Gina. He needs the real painting.

9. A New Client:
While Gina is gardening to blow off some steam, she’s visited by Enzo, much to her chagrin. He’s determined to find the real painting, and he wants to hire the Good Guys to get it. She’s dead-set against it, until he offers an absurd amount of money for it. She can’t refuse his offer without hurting her reputation with her gang and other potential clients. She has to accept but makes it clear that it’s not because she wants to. Enzo later comes home to find that Lorenzo has called his sister, Rosalia, to try and get Enzo to come to his senses. Enzo calms her down and assures her that he knows what he’s doing. She’s not convinced, but is somewhat comforted by the fact that he promises to stick by her.

10. Rinse:
Regina brings Franco to meet Enzo’s appraiser, Gualberto Pesaro. Franco already knows Pesaro and the appraiser assures them that when he looked at the painting it was real. Franco and Gina draw the conclusion that the painting must have been replaced with a fake sometime after Pesaro saw it. They suspect Enzo’s merchant – however, Franco knows this merchant as well and he’s not usually a scammer. Regina arranges to meet with him regardless. Back home she’s met by her siblings, sister-in-law, and nephew who are all over for lunch and to tell her some good news: Flora and Giuliano are engaged, at last.

11. Repeat:
Regina, Enzo, and Franco have a meeting with Leoni who sold the painting. He’s not initially willing to speak, but after some prodding, he tells them that the painting is extremely popular because a group of wealthy collectors are fighting over it. Gina wonders if both of her clients have been withholding information, and she tears into Enzo. He’s finally had enough of her attitude and fights back. It results in an argument about what happened eight years ago. Enzo truly shocks her when he does something she didn’t expect: He apologises. Flabbergasted, Gina lets it go after deciding that she needs to head to Collesena.

12. Yet Another Buyer:
Back in Collesena with Carlotta, Regina has to badger Ms. Antonini into a meeting. Before she can see her client, though, Enzo shows up and tells her and Carlotta that another family bought the painting. They’re getting ready to show it off at a party, which Enzo agrees to get them invitations to. At the meeting with Antonini, Gina tries to pressure her into talking about the art feud, but the woman isn’t receptive. At the risk of losing her as a client, Gina has to back down. She does learn a little about Enzo, though – he’s known to be wild and his sister has a reputation for philandering.

13. Smile:
The party is beginning and Enzo is already uncomfortable. Between his sister’s blatant feelings for Lorenzo and Gina arriving, he has a hard time keeping it together. Only making matters worse is his future brother-in-law reminding him of the painting that he still doesn’t have. When Carlotta and Regina arrives, he realises there’s yet another complication: Regina is all dressed up, and it’s highly distracting. They discuss what they’re going to do: While Carlotta mingles, Gina is going to search the house. She rejects Enzo’s offer of assistance, being more polite than before, but still cold.

14. Difficult Navigation:
Regina tries to find her way through the house while the party is on-going, but she’s not having much luck. The house is old and confusing. She comes across some waitstaff who direct her back to the party – though she tries and avoid the party room, she still ends up there. There, she meets an old fling of hers, Doriano Montanari, who makes some lewd comments. Gina nearly punches him, but is stopped in the nick of time by Enzo, who pulls her off before she can shame herself. She’s amazed that he did it at all, but he assures her that he doesn’t wish her ill and that he wouldn’t want her to ruin her reputation by making a public spectacle of herself. She begrudgingly admits that she got lost and lets Enzo help her find the painting.

15. Sneaking Around:
While looking for the painting in the Napoletanis’ house, Gina and Enzo chat fairly amicably about wealth and art. Enzo finds himself increasingly attracted to Gina and isn’t doing so well at keeping his distance. After a while they stumble, not on the painting, but on Rosalia and Lorenzo in a compromising position. A huge argument breaks out, and Gina realises that something more than just infidelity is going on. Shortly after, Lotta comes by to tell them she found the painting… or rather: another forgery, as it turns out. Gina has a word with Enzo who admits that he’s being blackmailed by his sister’s fiancé, though he won’t say anything more. They agree to meet up the following day to discuss it away from everyone else.

16. Something Bad:
Regina meets up with Enzo at his house and he tells her what he did to bring about the blackmail. He’s very hesitant to tell, but turns out the story is to do with his sister. She was stalked by a previous suitor and when he wouldn’t take the hint that she was done with him, Enzo got into a fight and pushed the man accidentally. He ended up dying from his injuries and Fabrizio is the only one besides Rosalia who knows about it. He won’t go to the police so long as Enzo does as he says, and Lia won’t let him turn himself in. Gina promises that she’ll get the painting for him as well as help him take down Fabrizio.

17. A Solid Lead:
Enzo arrives at the cabin in Collesena because Gina has found Leoni and is bringing him over. They’re not getting anywhere with Leoni, until Enzo suggests that they use the thief’s phone to threaten him. They take it and write a message that’s sure to lose him all his clients – and possibly his life – if they send it. Faced with losing his business, Leoni finally spills the details: He’s the one who’s been selling the painting, but he hasn’t been stealing it. He did it for a friend, a French stone mason, who can’t do it himself because he’s worked for many in the wealthy circles. Gina thinks the mason sounds familiar, and after they’ve talked to Leoni, Enzo explains why: His mother left his father for a French mason years ago. Enzo is obviously distressed over his mother’s potential involvement and leaves.

18. Family Portrait:
After Enzo has left, Gina comes back and finds her parents waiting for her. Carlo tells her he’s ready to retire, but Gina brushes him off when he offers to stay in Monte Vista for a while before moving. Before heading to bed, Vittoria tells Gina to reconsider and to seek help if she needs it. Gina doesn’t listen, but she does call Enzo once she’s in the bedroom. Back at his house, Enzo has just returned and is looking at the old family portrait. His sister comes to see him and after a back and forth, they make up. He decides not to tell her about their mother’s possible involvement in the theft, reasoning that she’s in enough pain because of him as it is. Afterwards, he heads to bed and receives a call from Gina. The two of them talk pleasantly all night, just as they used to when they were younger.

19. The Mason’s Wife:
Gina and Lotta is headed to the house belonging to Bastien Villeneuve and his wife – Enzo’s mother. When they get there, they find the painting and Gina meets both Enzo’s mother, Georgette, and brother, Amadeo. She realises she’s seen them before at the Napoletani party, and she gets a hint that Georgette isn’t as cold towards her children as she had thought. Back at the villa, Gina and Carlotta take a break. Carlotta teases Gina for being easy to read, for example in the case of Enzo whom she can tell Gina is fond of. Carlotta knows that Gina has been talking to him every night for some days, and she makes her (reluctantly) admit that Enzo is a friend of hers. Because Gina sees him as a friend now, she makes it clear that they’re not going to give the painting to Ms. Antonini, even if it hurts their reputation. Once Carlotta has left, Gina calls up Enzo to tell him they have the painting.

20. Permanent:
Carlo is having his retirement party, but Gina isn’t in a very festive mood. She’s sad to see her father go. This is only exacerbated by their long-time associate, Franco Bianchi, saying that he’s going to retire as well. In the midst of the party, Gina is called up by Enzo who says he’s coming around – causing even more confusion. She talks to him every night and she’s starting to feel strange around him. Her and her dad have a chat about her inability to hide her feelings and they reminisce about her youth and how hard it is for him to let go. Carlo tells her not to change her open nature and he says that she should give it a shot with Enzo if she likes him. After their talk, he leaves for Collesena to live with his wife.

21. Weightless:
Enzo shows up at Gina’s house to get the painting. They talk a little about the artwork and Gina explains how she can tell that it’s the real deal. She also makes it clear to him that she’s not going to hand the picture over to Ms. Antonini, and she won’t listen to any of his protests. She accidentally blurts out that she likes him and they end up kissing. Just when it looks like it’s going to turn into more, he pulls back and says he has to leave. Gina is about to let her temper out, but he explains that he’s in love with her and is only holding back because he’s scared of tearing his family apart. He explains that his mother left because of his summer fling with Gina – he’s adamant that it’s the case, despite her protests. Gina manages to convince him not to leave and instead asks him to explain – in turn, she’ll explain what Doriano Montanari did to her. After he agrees, they settle down to talk.

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22. The Last Kiss:
In a flashback to eight years earlier, we learn what happened after Gina and Enzo kissed for the last time. When Enzo made it back home, he was caught by his dad who was enraged to learn that his son had been going out to see a criminal. He nearly kicks him out for it, but after he promises never to see her again, he takes it back. That’s not the end of it, however. The following night, Enzo’s dad drives him to see Gina and forces him to tell her he wants nothing to do with her. When she gets angry and shouts at him, his dad calls the police and reports her for harassment, to Enzo’s horror.

23. After Summer:
Gina is back after the summer holidays and trying to avoid her gossipy friend. However, she’s distracted by her brother talking to his crush and her friend finds her. She tells her that Flora apparently got a boyfriend while on vacation and starts quizzing Gina on her summer boyfriend. Gina tries to get out of talking about it, but her friend won’t let it rest. While trying to avoid talking about it, Doriano Montanari, a wealthy boy from their class overhears them. It turns out he knows about Enzo’s family and he sounds sincere when he says that he’s sorry for how Gina’s summerfling ended. Later in the day, he finds her again and tells her he knows Enzo and that he does it all the time, he also assures Gina that she deserves better. She feels a bit better about it, but after school she’s warned by Carlotta, whom she hates, that she shouldn’t fall for Doriano’s tactics. Gina doesn’t listen.

24. A Rare Talk:
The word of Enzo’s ‘crimes’ have spread fast among the elite and his entire family is suffering for it. They’re being whispered about and receiving veiled insults and Enzo feels terrible, especially for his family who’s suffering because of him. He has a talk with his mother – a very rare occurence – where she asks him if he wants to get away but he tells her a definite no. He assures her he’s happy to be where he is and that he wants to do better. Not long after that, his mother leaves the house with their mason and Enzo’s brother, Amadeo. Enzo is told that it’s largely his fault that his mother left and he concludes that his mother must have left Lia behind because of her closeness with him. Their father insist they face the loss with dignity, but Enzo is already making plans to go and find his mother to explain and get her to come back.

25. Rainy Days:
Regina starts spending time with Doriano and one day when they’re hanging out, he keeps asking about her failed summer fling. She doesn’t want to talk about it, but he won’t let up and he convinces her to get into bed with him. She feels oddly conflicted and used afterwards, but he keeps telling her she’s only silly and she’s happy to pretend like nothing is wrong. They initiate something like a relationship, but it all comes crashing down one day when Carlotta tells her to check Doriano’s phone and then come meet her if she hates him as much after she’s done so. Despite her misgivings, Gina does it. She finds out that Doriano and his friends share intimate details and brag about their conquests over their messages – and they keep referring to a ‘List’ that she doesn’t know what is. Enraged, she meets with Carlotta. Her classmate wants to take Doriano down by stealing a ‘scrapbook’ he has detailing all of his dealings with girls. Gina agrees to help.

26. What Friends Are For:
Enzo is talking to Lorenzo because he needs to borrow money to go find his mother. Lorenzo is hesitant because he doesn’t think it’s up to Enzo, but he lets him borrow money nonetheless. At night, Enzo tries to sneak out of the house but is soon caught by his dad. His dad takes him to his study for a chat where the elder Vincente makes it clear that Enzo’s mother doesn’t want to see him or to come back. He briefly loses his temper and shouts that he was warned against marrying her. Finally, he makes Enzo promise that he’ll take care of his sister and help keep the family together. Meanwhile, Gina and Carlotta are getting ready to go see Doriano. They wait for his parents to leave and then Gina calls him, pretending to still be into him. He eagerly lets her in and she in turn lets Carlotta into the house. Gina beats him up in a fit of rage and is stopped by Carlotta. The two girls find his scrapbook and take it home to Gina’s. They find his various lists of conquests and girls he wants to sleep with. After that night, the two girls become friends and Lotta eventually joined the gang.

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27. Astray:
Back in the present day, Gina is almost done telling her story, however she tells Enzo one last detail: Doriano was the boyfriend Flora got while on vacation and he eventually got her pregnant and left her with very little financial support until she finally got together with Gina’s brother Giuliano. Enzo feels bad about his involvement in Gina being screwed over by Doriano, but she tells him not to feel bad, because he already has so much on his conscience. It doesn’t really work. He feels even worse when he says he should leave and he can tell she’s disappointed. He hates hurting her and ends up not leaving. Instead he kisses her and they have sex. Late at night, after she’s fallen asleep, he realises that he loves her.

28. In the Sun:
The day after sleeping together Gina wakes Enzo up to take him to breakfast in town. On the way, he worries about being seen by people from his circles because he doesn’t want word to get back to his dad. He tells her that he wants to be with her and to make that work, he has to be the one to tell his dad about their relationship. They have a calm breakfast together and afterwards they stroll around Monte Vista. They sit on a hill and talk about their different families and the past. Gina doesn’t belive he was into her for eight years, but he assures her that he was. After that, they head back to Gina’s house.

29. Welcome Home:
As the time for Enzo to head home draws near, he feels more and more guilty about dragging it out. Gina tries to get him to not feel guilty and in the course of the conversation she guesses that Enzo is covering for his sister – it was her who killed her stalker and not Enzo. She implores him not to keep stuff to himself and to trust her. After a while, he finally leaves and they make arrangements for meeting up and taking care of the blackmail. When Enzo comes home, he’s met by his sister who has been hounded by Fabrizio Aiello all day and soon after, the man himself appears. He’s making sure he has the painting and also wants to invite Enzo and his sister to a gathering. Before he leaves, Fabrizio mentions the name Mancini and Enzo hurries off to call Gina.

30. Watching Eyes:
Gina and Lotta head to Collesena after learning of Enzo’s worries. On the way, Lotta quizzes Gina about her relationship. She then tells Gina that Fabrizio has a good reputation and is seemlingly all about a charity that he donates to. The girls are sure it’s not a true charity. Before they make it to Collesena, Lotta warns Gina that if her relationship with Enzo doesn’t work out, she needs to try and control her temper. At Gina’s mum’s cabin, they’re met by Marta, Gina’s sister, who has work-related info to pass along. She tells Gina that a private eye she knows is bragging that he’s following Enzo around for a wealthy client and he knows about Gina and Enzo’s relationship – Gina concludes that Fabrizio must have hired him. Gina meets up with Enzo in his office to tell him what she’s learnt. They’re happy to reunite, but Gina starts worrying about the future of their relationship when Enzo seems to be distant. In the end, they agree that Gina needs to be at Fabrizio’s gathering to find out more about him.

31. A Way Out:
Regima meets up with Lorenzo who takes her to Fabrizio’s gathering as a plus-one. On the way, he questions Gina’s motives and she assures him she’s there because she wants to help Enzo. At the party, she’s distressed when it becomes clear that Enzo ignores her, though after a while the two manage to slip away and talk. While talking, Gina realises that Enzo expects the two of them to mingle with rich people for the rest of their lives and she isn’t on board. To get away from the conversation, she suggests they look in Fabrizio’s bedroom and Enzo agrees to go with her. Once there, they banter and agrees that they want to make their relationship work despite their differing views on things and Gina tries to convince him that he can leave his lifestyle behind and be happy. Just as Enzo is about to tell her something, however, his dad enters the room.

32. Fractures:
Enzo’s dad lays into him for seeing Regina – he’s known for a while now. He reveals that he learnt of Gina being present through Doriano Montanari and that he was the one who hired the private detective to watch Enzo. He knows everything that’s been going on and he wants to prevent Enzo from being with Gina, saying that it was the same mistake he made when he married Enzo’s mother. Gina keeps trying to make Enzo realise that he can leave, but he’s terrified and eventually tells her to leave. She runs off, but without screaming or getting angry, until she bumps into Doriano. He says that he told Enzo’s dad as revenge for what she did to him and in a fit of anger, Gina punches him. As she realises she has completely ruined her chance to get clients in the future, she rushes off. Enzo sees from the house and feels responsible for what she did. After saying goodbye to Fabrizio and meeting the leader of the Moretti Foundation, he heads home. On the way, he realises that he needs to do something to help Gina.

33. Pain Management:
Gina has fled Collesena and is committing a series of robberies to try and make up for her mistake. Unfortunately, her broken hand catches up to her and in time, so does Carlotta. Carlotta gives her a piece of her mind, scolding her for losing her temper and for running away. Gina owns up to her mistake and breaks down crying. After Lotta has comforted her, she explains that Enzo has filed a restraining order out against Gina – Lotta thinks it must be because the one Gina punched was Enzo. Gina explains that it wasn’t and she can’t understand why Enzo would file the restraining order. Lotta has a sudden revelation, but she has to look into something before she can say what it is. She takes Gina home where Carlo and Vittoria are waiting. The three of them have a heart to heart where Gina finally tells her dad what happened with Doriano when she was young. Her parents realise why she has such temper problems and comfort her. In the middle of it, Lotta arrives and tells them that she knows why Enzo’s mother hasn’t contacted him and what the Foundation actually is.

34. Behind the Foundation:
Gina has her broken hand taken care of and then goes to learn what the Moretti Foundation is. Nero Moretti is slowly assembling a gang behind Gina and the Good Guys’ back. He’s hoping to make a big enough name for himself that he can drive the Good Guys out of Collesena, so he can have all the wealthy clients and expand even further. He’s being funded by none other than Fabrizio Aiello – Gina thinks he’s funding him to boost his ego. Gina then realises that if Enzo doesn’t get out of Fabrizio’s clutches, he’ll always be under Moretti’s shadow and she decides to take all of Collesena and establish a power centre there. On the way out, Gina asks Lotta why Enzo’s mother didn’t contact him. What Lotta tells her gives her hope that Enzo will leave his father’s house, so she goes to see Georgette to get evidence. Georgette wakes up and finds Gina in her home and explains what happened: Her own children filed restraining orders against her and thus she’s not allowed to see them – Gina asks her to give her the evidence.

35. The Rumour Mill:
The evening of Lia and Fabrizio’s engagement party has come and Enzo is ready to set his plan in motion. Moretti and his associate arrive at the party, but they don’t get a chance to ask Enzo about the painting before Lorenzo appears, much to Enzo and Lia’s surprise – Enzo didn’t think he’d come, but Lorenzo says he thinks the siblings need someone in their corner. Everyone heads off to mingle at the party and Enzo heads straight for the biggest gossip he can find so he can talk about Gina punching Doriano. He tells the woman that it was actually because Gina is a single mother and Doriano didn’t even pay her off – the woman excitedly hurries off to spread it around. Enzo is pleased that he found a way to make Gina more sympathetic without dragging Flora’s name through the mud. He has a few words with Lorenzo, asking him to take care of Lia and telling him that he doesn’t have the painting. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Gina is holding up two of Moretti’s men and asking them where their boss is. Both refuse to tell and after trying to attack Gina, they’re both shot. On the way to find more of Moretti’s gang, she gets a call – it’s Lorenzo who tells her that Enzo doesn’t have the painting. Gina realises that Enzo has sent it to Antonini in a misguided attempt to save her career and she rushes off to help him.

36. Payback:
Enzo is alone in his father’s study with Fabrizio, Nero Moretti, and his associate and they ask him to hand over the painting. Enzo tells them he doesn’t have it – he sent it to Ms. Antonini because she hired Gina first. Moretti is infuriated and both chokes and punches him before ordering him to go get the painting. If he doesn’t, he swear he’ll go out and kill Enzo’s sister. Enzo is baffled – he thought all that would happen was that they would expose Conti’s death, but Fabrizio says it was just a way to get him to cooperate. He doesn’t have any proof of the death, after all. Moretti harms Enzo again, but just as things are looking rough, Marco Leoni appears with a gun. However, he’s quickly overpowered by the two men and it looks like he’ll get shot until Gina, Lotta, and their men arrive. Gina tells Moretti that she’s taken his entire gang away before she orders her men to drive Moretti out of the country. She then turns to Fabrizio and tells him to leave the country as well and to break of his engagement to Rosalia. Carlotta and Leoni leave with Fabrizio, leaving only Enzo and Gina. Enzo is in distress, but Gina makes him aware that she’s taken over the town for his sake and she’ll be there for him… just then, Enzo’s father and sister enter the room.

37. Actions and Consequences:
Enzo’s dad and sister are in the room and Enzo’s dad immediately tries to make Gina leave. She refuses and instead hands Enzo a small stack of papers. It turns out to be a stack of restraining orders against his mother and the one against Gina – they have Enzo and Lia’s signatures on them, even though the two of them never signed. Enraged, Enzo asks his dad to explain, but he says he’ll only do so if Gina and Lia leave. Enzo manages to convince Gina to leave and she gives him a defiant kiss before leaving and promises that they’ll see each other soon. When Lia tries to leave as well, Enzo stops her and says he wants her there and their dad allows it. Their dad explains that their mother’s departure had to do with the way Vincente decided to punish his son when he was a teen – not only did he report Gina for harassment, he’s the reason everyone knew about Gina and Enzo’s teenage relationship. But their mother didn’t leave until he decided to kick out his middle son, Amadeo, after finding out that he was gay. Enzo is outraged at what his father did and decides that he won’t stand for it anymore. As a last-ditch effort to get him to stay, Vincente tries to use Rosalia to make him reconsider, but she decides to go with her brother. The two siblings leave their father’s house together.

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38. The Master Plan:
Regina goes to Lorenzo’s house, where Enzo has been staying the night, so they can talk. She finds him exhausted and worn out and he reveals that he’s had a rough night. After arriving at Lorenzo’s house, he turned pale and shaky and a doctor told him he had an anxiety attack. Now he has to navigate the fact that he was emotionally abused and suffers from anxiety. He also realised that the same happened at Fabrizio’s house, but he nonetheless apologises to Gina for not standing up for her. She forgives him without hesitation, but she also leaves to give him time to sleep and recover. Before leaving, she promises to go see his favourite place. The day after, she meets up with him and they go to this favourite place, which turns out to be where they first kissed. Once there, Gina admits that she never forgot him either and that a part of her didn’t believe he was cruel or heartless. They agree they want to stay together and make love in the park.

39. Neutral Ground:
Enzo, Lia, and Gina are at a restaurant to meet with Georgette and the rest of their family for the first time in eight years. They meet up with Georgette and her husband, as well as Amadeo and his family – since leaving, he’s married Fabrizio’s brother, Rinaldo, and they have a girl, Natalia. The family discuss the events leading up to Georgette leaving, with her admitting that she tried to convince her children to leave with her, but that she could and should have done more. This explanation doesn’t appease Lia, however, who is still angry with her mother and storms out. Enzo goes after her and she admits that she’s not seeing Lorenzo – he broke up with her after he and Enzo were discovered and has since started seeing someone else. Lia isn’t sure what to do with herself, but she decides she’ll try and ask her family for guidance. Gina and Georgette have a talk about Georgette’s art thefts and she offers to share her insider knowledge with Gina. Before Gina and Enzo head home, he reveals that Amadeo and Rinaldo are letting Lia stay with them, so they can help her get her footing.

40. Before the Wedding:
Four years later, Carlotta, Rosalia, Carlo, and Georgette are getting ready for the wedding.
Lotta is with Marco, whom she’s stayed with in spite of always saying she only does casual relationships. He worries that she’ll go to the wedding and want one for herself, but she reassures him that she’s not interested. They agree that they want to be together all the same and she asks him to move in with her.
Rosalia is about to do her hair when Amadeo asks her to do her niece Natalia’s hair. Lia agrees right away. Once she’s done, Amadeo congratulates her on looking for her own flat and doing well for herself.
Carlo is getting dressed and being emotional about the upcoming wedding. Vittoria teases him a little about how much he’s going to cry, but ultimately she wishes she could cry like him. She doesn’t feel like a good mother, though she’s determined to be a good grandmother to Adriana and Francesca whom they’re taking care of. Carlo assures her, however, that if she wasn’t a good mother, her daughter wouldn’t have turned out how she did.
Georgette is waking up and emotional about her son’s upcoming wedding and the fact that she got them back. She shares a tender moment with her husband and muses about how happy they still are. She hopes that her son will feel the same.

41. Artful:
Gina and Enzo are at their wedding, enjoying themselves. They have a bet about who would cry more – Carlo or Georgette – and everyone agrees Gina lost and Carlo cried more. Gina walks off to talk to her dad; he muses about how old he feels and Gina tells him she’ll keep the gang in the family, passing the reins to her young daughters, Adriana and Francesca, once they’re ready. Suddenly, there’s a commotion at the party as a telegram has arrived for Enzo – from his dad. Gina rushes to his side and the two of them walk off to read the letter. It contains a congratulation and a ridiculous amount of money – a bribe to try and get Enzo to come back. He tears the letter up and says he’ll never let his daughters go anywhere near his dad. With the later disposed of, he and Gina head back to the party together.


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