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Edited to add Amy’s awesome logo! This challenge is like a thing now with tags and everything. Check it out!

As you might already know, people are bending the genders of their characters, and I want in! Fair warning, though – I’m about to show you something that may turn your stomach. Namely, Carlo as a woman. It’s horrible. It’s an abomination. So, now that you’re properly warned, let’s hop to it! Let’s get the not-so-great out of the way first with the AMVS mains…


Carlo would apparently look like a wide-mouthed frog as a woman. Lucky me, then, that none of his and Vittoria’s kids rolled his freaking mouth. If you’re thinking – but her mouth doesn’t look terrible in this picture – that’s because I freaking scoured my poselist to find something that wouldn’t look TERRIBLE. The others were horrifying. *shudder*

I imagine Lady Carlo would be very well-dressed. She’d mostly wear her hair up and always look well-groomed. You wouldn’t catch her wearing canvas shoes or a loose sweater as Vittoria likes to do when she doesn’t need to impress.


It’s not nearly as bad as Carlo but man alive, I couldn’t find any kind of haircut that was suitable. It’s bad enough with Vittoria as a woman (I can find very few hairstyles that flatter her face), but as a dude her nose just looks monstrous. Yet again, I think the kids are happy that they rolled nicer features.

Guytoria (sorry) would probably dress a lot like Vittoria does. He’d wear really comfortable sweaters, practical shoes, and not care too much about how he wore his hair – I imagine he would only put product in his hair if absolutely necessary.

TS3 2018-05-02 22-01-57.png
Ruuuun, Guytoria, she’s going to eat yooou!


After doing Carlo and Vittoria I was more than a little disheartened. Like, flipping flack, Lady Carlo’s goddamn face haunts my nightmares. But then I did Genedude (yes, that’s a thing – deal with it) and oh my little heart <3 His nosey makes me almost forgive Guytoria for hers.

Genedude would, like, always wear sweater vests. Every. Single. Day. He’d have a pocket watch on a chain. He would adjust his little bowtie all the time in front of a mirror and it would be great. Genedude is my favourite of them all.


I cry a little on the inside looking at Nagirl (fuck, these names are getting worse… sorry), not because she’s all that bad, but because I love his little face so much and it’s just not as nice as a lady’s face. At least she looks better than in CAS. I was about to cry salty tears because of another disaster, but then I went in-game and hey – it could be a lot worse.

Nagirl would dress pretty modestly and wear her hair either loose or quickly tied up – and then only to prevent it from catching fire while doing potions. She’d wear darker colours and never anything too flashy or revealing.

At least they look cute.


Celeste was a bit of a relief as well. Guyleste (I don’t even at this point) looks pretty freaking cute and I found myself looking for excuses to add her brother to the sequel… maybe!

Guyleste would dress as in powerful reds, of course! He’d love to wear elaborate three-piece suits with elegant details and he would love wearing a cape more than anything.


And that was that for now, guys. I hope you enjoyed that, and that you won’t have nightmares about Lady Carlo tonight… I know I will πŸ˜€ But then I’ll wake up and take comfort that Genedude and Guyleste exist, so that’s something. And hey – I didn’t hit save on any of these, so I feel happy knowing that it was all just a nightmare…

Anywayyyy, this was super fun – I’d like to give a shoutout to Amy, who’s the one who semi-tagged anyone reading her blogiversary post. She’s the one who started all the fun genderbending. If you haven’t read her story, Sight, you should have a read. It’s great! I also encourage anyone who’d like to, to also have a stab at this little challenge, because it is so much fun, even when it’s terrifying.

Other than that, I thank you for reading and let’s just rejoice that Carlo actually still looks like this:

Aaaaah… I needed that.

Until the next post, everyone,


  • sempreviva

    Aaaaaah, I’m dying! Mamma mia! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Can I just say that I had a major “Bates Motel” kinda flashback when I saw Lady Carlo and Guytoria cuddling? This is priceless!
    Genedude on the other hand and Guyleste… uuh, yes please! 😍 They are both so freaking hot (Genedude especially… that face)! And I love Nagirl’s face too, it’s so original and cute! Lovely! <3

    • NotJustaBook

      Aaaaah, I hate that picture so much it looks weird and wrong and I want to drag Lady Carlo off the poor guy because it looks wronggggggg XD
      The CoM characters are pretty good, fortunately. I really, really love Genedude. His face is perfect loveliness πŸ˜€ <3

  • loladiamond01

    Oh no, Lady Carlo is priceless. Thinking about my characters, I didn’t really have anyone terrifying after all. I got lucky!
    I love Nagirl, though.
    It’s good seeing everyone taking up this challenge!

    • NotJustaBook

      Isn’t it horrible? πŸ˜› Oh I was so upset at how awful she looks – and he’s so handsome as a man, so how… HOW?!
      I think the CoM turned out much nicer in general, fortunately πŸ˜€
      It’s super fun to see all the characters like this, yes! πŸ˜€

      • loladiamond01

        The more handsome the man and the more distinct his male features are – the worse the female he’d make unfortunately… Hence why they are not good for legacies.

        • NotJustaBook

          I got lucky with their daughter, Regina. At first she was a carbon copy of Vittoria, but then I made a new in CAS (’cause I don’t care about playing anymore) and I rolled a version of her that has an extremely nice blend of the two πŸ˜€
          But yeah – Carlo alone makes for an awful looking woman ._. He’s just too handsome for that.

  • amyqueen

    I love how you even described what the swapped characters would wear! Maybe it’s just because I’ve seen some horror while attempting to swap some more of my characters today, but Carlo’s wasn’t that bad imo. Though I agree with Jowita that distinctly handsome males don’t make for cute females. πŸ˜‚ And Guytoria actually looks like someone I know in real life which I’ve yet to encounter in the simming world, haha. And I love genedude and nagirl (whose names had me cracking up) and love how you made them keep their color scheme even in their gender swapped forms 😊 I’d expect Celeste to look fabulous and Guyleste didn’t disappoint~ Glad you did this! Thanks for the mention πŸ’“

    • NotJustaBook

      Thank you πŸ˜€ I think it was fun to imagine how they’d dress.
      To be fair, I did pick the best pictures of Lady Carlo, so uhhh *shudder* He really, really isn’t a good-looking woman. Ugh.
      I may or may not have had too much fun making punny names for everyone πŸ˜›
      I think the CoM characters came out the best by far <3 I really, really want to add Celeste's brother to the story, just so I can make a cute, edited version of her male form <3

    • NotJustaBook

      Ha, ha, yes, isn’t he? Genevieve looks amazing, which is just a stroke of luck – maybe it’s because the premade I edited I didn’t change so much πŸ˜›

  • Lila Remonn

    LOL I’m glad Carlo was born a male πŸ˜‚ I actually love Nadir as a girl -of course I love his original version even more- she looks quite unique.
    I’m gonna have a go at this today, though I suspect I will have to edit a lot 😬

    • NotJustaBook

      Me to ahahaha, oh I was so upset when I saw it. I had some even worse pictures that have been purged…
      I really look forward to seeing your take on it πŸ˜€ <3

  • Kymber

    Oh. My. Goodness. Carlo is so amazingly good looking. <3 Ahem, back to the challenge. I think they turned out pretty well! I really enjoyed seeing this. Okay, now I need to talk about Carlo again. LOLOLOL <3 Did I mention how handsome he is? πŸ˜€

    • NotJustaBook

      Carlo is just stupidly handsome :O
      Ha, ha, thank you <3 I think they turned out pretty well, too! Especially the CoM characters.
      Did you? I'm not sure. I think maybe I meant to say that he's really good-looking, too, but I forgot, so here goes: Dang, he's fine πŸ˜€
      Thank you for commenting <3

  • freja64

    Carlo is so handsome as the man he is! But I rather like how Vittoria came out – he looks a little hildish, but sweet! My favorite is Genevieve! <3

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