Celeste whispered: “He’s from the Hazan family.”
I cocked my head. “As in Murad Hazan?”
Murad Hazan was, if not famous, then at least well-known. He was all-around talented, but most known in alchemical circles. He died some years ago.
“The very same family, but like I said – nobody’s heard of this one. Apparently he’s not after fame and fortune like the rest of them. And now he’s suddenly come to beat you.”
“We’ll see about that.” 

Genevieve Thorne is the six times Champion of Moonlight, and one of her generation’s most talented witches. The 124th Moonlight Tournament is set to be her seventh victory in a row, but when a new face appears to challenge her, everything changes.

Nadir Hazan is the heir to a powerful family, a talented witch, and the only person Genevieve has ever felt a connection with. But even as they draw closer, connected by their love of magic and theory, weird things start happening, and Nadir might just not be who he seems.



One Month Ago: Prologue

Saturday: Tall, Dark, and Brooding

Sunday: A Day at the Races

Monday: The Ice Woman

Tuesday: A Stellar Display

Wednesday: This Rhythm

Thursday: Among the Stars

Friday: Obstacles

Friday: Impossible Spells

Saturday: Ghosts

Epilogue: A New Purpose

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