Gina, however, was drawn straight into whatever you called the bastard child of a nightmare and déjà-vu. The gun didn’t faze her. Her eyes were on the other man. He had black hair and striking blue eyes, set in a face that was still stupidly gorgeous. But it couldn’t be. She couldn’t stand the thought that it was him. Not right now.
Please be someone else, she said in her head. Please be anyone else…
But then Enzo raised an eyebrow and said:

Regina Mancini is an expert art thief and the heir to Carlo Mancini’s criminal empire. Due to her extensive knowledge and her good reputation, she’s able to draw in clients from the wealthiest circles in the country. A wealthy widow hiring her to find a baroque painting is a routine job for her, but nothing about the case turns out as expected.

Not only is the painting extremely sought after and a series of fakes left in it’s wake, but one of the people searching for it is Gina’s past fling –  Vincente ‘Enzo’ Cavalcante, a wealthy young man who dumped her cruelly for no apparent reason. When she bumps into barriers in the world of the rich, she has to rely on him to navigate his world. As they work together, Gina finds herself yet again growing fond of Enzo, though he has his own secrets that may very well tear them apart again.

The story contains elements that may not be suitable for all readers, such as swearing, violence, visible injuries, and sexual themes. I provide warnings at the start of chapters when appropriate, though never for swearing, unless it’s particularly bad.

Part One

1. Regina

2. Lockpicking for Beginners

3. Tension

4. A Good Teacher

5. A Lesson on Wealth

Part Two

6. A Proud Father

7. The Forgery

8. Certified Forgery

9. A New Client

10. Rinse

11. Repeat

12. Yet Another Buyer

13. Smile

14. Difficult Navigation

15. Sneaking Around

16. Something Bad

17. A Solid Lead

18. Family Portrait

19. The Mason’s Wife

20. Permanent

21. Weightless

Part Three

22. The Last Kiss

23. After Summer

24. A Rare Talk

25. Rainy Days

26. What Friends Are For

Part Four

27. Astray

28. In the Sun

29. Welcome Home

30. Watching Eyes

31. A Way Out

32. Fractures

33. Pain Management

34. Behind the Foundation

35. The Rumour Mill

36. Payback

37. Actions and Consequences

Part Five

38. The Master Plan

39. Neutral Ground

40. Before the Wedding

41. Artful

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