Monte Vista Stories is my multi-generational legacy story, set in and around the town of Monte Vista. It follows the Mancini family, starting with Carlo Mancini and continuing with his descendants. Each generation can be read as a separate story.


Generation 1 | Good Guys

Carlo Mancini comes home one day to find the daughter of his old babysitter on his doorstep, asking for a place to stay. Vittoria ran away from something – she won’t say what, but he can tell it’s bad – and Carlo fears that if he gives into his attraction for her, it’ll only make her life more difficult. But Vittoria isn’t scared away so easily and the more Carlo gets to know her, the more he realises that she might well be more dangerous than he is.

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Generation 2 | Artful

What should have been a routine theft for Regina Mancini becomes anything but when she runs into the ex that unceremoniously dumped her eight years before. Vincente ‘Enzo’ Cavalcante needs a sought-after painting and when he offers an absurd amount of money, Gina has no choice but to take on the job.

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Generation 2.5 | Heartwood

Rosalia Cavalcante has recovered after her youth of wealth and privilege to become a strong, hard-working young woman. When she gets the chance to write a biography about her favourite author’s son, Teodoro Como, she takes the chance for the sake of her career. Teo has secrets of his own, and as she unravels them, she slowly starts to deal with her own past as well.

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