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Hi everyone,

This is the sims blog which belongs to me. I’m known as NotJustaBook, Gnasling or just Louise around the simming world. I write stories in the sims 3 and I like reading them as well. I also do poses for the Sims 3.

Feel free to have a look around and drop me a comment. I love discussing writing and finding new stories to read.


Ongoing Stories:

Monte Vista Stories | Generation 2 ~ Artful

Chapter List
Most Recent Chapter: 40. Before the Wedding
Next Chapter: 28th of September 2019

Monte Vista Stories | Generation 1 ~ Good Guys (Rewrite)

Chapter List
Most Recent Chapter: 4. The Hitman
Next Chapter: There’s no set schedule for this rewrite

Completed Stories:

Monte Vista Stories | Generation 1 ~ Good Guys

29th of August 2017-26th of May 2018

35,741 words

Begin Reading
Champion of Moonlight

12th of October 2017-8th of March 2018

28,650 words

Begin Reading


32 thoughts on “Home Page”

      1. Louise here is very humble! She tends to think we’re only being nice by reading… She forgets that I’m not that nice lol if it was shite, I’d stop ;-D

        Anyway, my point (and yes, I did have one) is that you will be blown away by her writing and starving for more!!!

        Love you Louise/notjustabook

        #TeamLou #FanGirlOfNote #AmazingWriter
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  1. Hi, I found my way here through your interview on Kym’s/Rosemary’s blog. I think I was going to catch up sometime and I never got to it, sorry! Now I’m here and I’m very eager and motivated to catch up. By the way, I do love your poses and they are super handy for storytelling!

    1. Thank you for being here! Nice to have you! And don’t feel too bad – I’ve meant to catch up to yours forever and didn’t get around to it. I might have read a few chapters…? Maybe? Anyway, I think yours is up next πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading! And I’m so glad you like the poses – there are just never enough poses for storytelling!

      1. I agree, never enough! Really, you don’t have to bother with my story, though. I’m kinda ashamed, considering how good a writer you are with me not even being a native when it comes to the English language, oh goodness. Well, I’m glad I eventually came to catch up, because your writing is very addictive!

        1. Oh, please don’t worry – I love reading sims stories, it’s good fun! And I’m not a native English speaker myself, so that, also, is not a concern πŸ™‚ I’ll read it whether you like it or not ^_^
          Thank you so much, though. It’s so nice to have people along for the ride!

          1. I love, too. You’re not? Well, I’m amazed, I would’ve never guessed. You are very good with your writing, I admire it. In fact I admire all of the non-native speakers, because I know what kind of courage and struggle it takes.

          2. Nope, born and raised in Denmark πŸ™‚ Us Scandinavians just know we have to be good at English because nobody cares to learn our languages! Ha, ha πŸ˜€
            I admire it, too! It’s very daunting, especially if you’re not so strong with languages.

          3. Poland here. Do you think anyone cares to learn Polish? Big, fat NOPE. I fell in love with English, though, which still doesn’t mean it’s always easy to get my thoughts out.

          4. Oh for sure not πŸ˜› Your English seems pretty good, though πŸ™‚
            One thing we also have going for us is the fact that movies aren’t dubbed, only animated movies and live action movies for little kids. So we hear English almost all the time because we just have subtitles πŸ™‚

        1. Ha, ha, she does! The talent to convince the entire community to have fun and be creative ^_^
          Why not? :O (My boyfriend isn’t using his computer at the moment. So I stole it πŸ˜€ )

          1. Because I don’t have off-days and I would have to stay up late doing them. And I don’t really want to go in game, I’m fed up after finishing generation 4 last week (when I was still on my break).

    1. Thank you so much for thinking of me! πŸ™‚ I’ve done it for all my main characters already but I think I can come up with a few others that I’d like to try out πŸ˜€

  2. Hey, I don’t know if you can help me out, but how do you take pics with reShade activated? My screenshots came out just as usual, using the C-key…

    1. Of course! By default, it’s mapped to the screenshot button on your keyboard. You can map it to C if you like. Because of the way ts3 works you have press f10 before taking pictures with ReShade or else it takes pics of the UI as well!
      Hope that helps <3 so exciting that you’re using it!

  3. It still doesn’t work… Frustrating. When you say that I can map it to C, does it mean I have to do something special computer wise? I’ve tried F10, and taking pics as usual with C, but the picture comes out as usual, even though it’s blurred like it should in game… I’ll restart my laptop to see if it works. (I’ve already cleared the caches…)

    1. In the menu where you change the effects for ReShade there should also be a settings tab. In there, you can change what key takes the pictures. If you haven’t changed anything under settings, it’s probably still the prt scr (print screen) button. Have you tried taking a picture with that?
      It sounds a little weird for you, because in my game, ReShade completely disables the C-button.

      1. Yes, I’ve tried, and it pastes a black screen on my paint program… I’m using a pre-set reShade program downloaded from MTS. At first it didn’t work but the person who made it told me to disable edge smoothing and it worked. I will uninstall it an re-install and see if it does the trick… Thanks for helping me!

        1. It might be putting the screenshots into a folder under the ReShade folder. That’s what happens with mine – you can change what folder you want it to go in.
          If it doesn’t help, don’t hesitate to say πŸ™‚

  4. Hey, just wanted to tell you that apparently WP stopped being silly and it now changed your primary blog to this one, so it’s the one that readers are redirected to while clicking your name in the comments or seeing your in their likes. Good news! Maybe that’s what caused you to go into spam, though.

    1. I think you’re probably right! And because of my commenting issues, I had to edit my settings and stuff again, so that’s probably what happened! Thanks for telling me <3

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