He narrowed his eyes. “You think you know more about my situation than I do?”

“You know very well that you like it,” she said, keeping her voice low. “You like the job, and not just the money you make. You like the work, the lifestyle. And you don’t want Camillo to know, and you don’t want me to know. But I can tell. You’re a talented artist, and Camillo confided in me that you can cook as well. With all those talents, all those opportunities, why would a man choose crime? Especially when his dad disapproved.”
He didn’t say anything, and he didn’t have to.

Carlo Mancini was raised by a good man in a good home, and yet he chose a life of crime, eventually rising in the ranks to become the leader of the most influential gang in Monte Vista. He feels bad enough about his lifestyle, and about drawing his brother into the life he’s leading, but then Vittoria Nespola appears on his doorstep.

Vittoria ran away from something – she won’t say what, but he can tell it’s bad – and Carlo fears that if he gives into his attraction for her, it’ll only make her life more difficult. But Vittoria isn’t scared away so easily and the more Carlo gets to know her, the more he realises that she might well be more dangerous than he is.

The story contains elements that may not be suitable for all readers, such as hard language, violence, visible injuries, and sexual themes. I provide warnings when appropriate, though never for swearing, unless it’s particularly bad.


1. Vittoria

2. Friends in the Right Places

3. The Happy Crook

4. Till We Meet Again

5. Alive

6. Cornered Animal

7. Head of the Family

8. Walking Contradiction

9. The Wedding Spy

10. Replacement Goldfish

11. Hindsight

12. Too Nice

13. All Part of the Plan

14. Traces of the Past

15. Alessandro’s Downfall

16. Another Kind of Evil

17. A Small Oversight

18. An Offer to Refuse

19. Odi et Amo

20. Part of a Plan

21. One Good Man

22. To Move Past the Pain


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