Hey guys!

I wish I was here to tell you guys that I’m totally back this time. That I’ve been writing up a storm and snapping pics in Sims 4 and I’m the most creative that I’ve ever been. But that would be a lie and I’m no good at lying.

Last time I wrote, I felt like better times were ahead and it turned out to be totally true. I had a busy autumn with a work trip, lots of family and social engagements. My work is going well. The tasks are difficult, but I’m getting the hang of it. My relationship with my boyfriend is better than ever. I love him completely and totally and we’re currently looking at flats so we can move in together. I can honestly say things are looking up in so many ways in my life right now.

So it really sucks to say that I feel like shit. I’m constantly tired and overwhelmed. I always want to call in sick to work for no reason. I spent my days doing nothing but playing the Sims 4 while having no inclination to do anything creative with it. I don’t even take screenshots except to show the boyfriend a funny thing that happened. I don’t even think about stories or making CC or anything of the sort.

I’m finally seeing a doctor about it after feeling tired and down and unable to keep my home clean and tidy for months. It might just be that I need more vitamin D or iron or [insert other vitamin/mineral here], so I’m getting that checked out. But deep down, I think I’m depressed. I used to get up early to write, make CC or take Sims photos. I love cooking good food, baking, learning new things, challenging myself. None of that is happening right now. I started posting gameplay pictures on my tumblr a while ago, but after a little while I realised that it was too hard and I quietly dropped it. I just silently deleted the posts and stopped taking more pictures. I couldn’t bear it anymore. That’s not normal for me. I like sharing my game.

And yes, that means that I probably won’t be back right away. I don’t know when. I’ll need some sort of treatment and hopefully they’ll find something that works, whether it’s just vitamins or anti-depressants. You’ll probably see me popping up when I start feeling more like myself, but until then, I love you all and I miss you and I miss the excitement about sims and sims stories and I hope it’ll come back to me some day.



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liesemietze · January 27, 2023 at 1:05 pm

I’m so sorry you’re feeling so weak, Louise. There are so many people feeling similar powerless these days. My brother in law is one of them. He got the jab and covid 19 after that.
He still is not able to do any proper work, only manages to walk the dog.
Depression is a result of this feeling of weakness.
I really hope, it’s only vitamines and sunlight you’re lacking and your doctors will look into it seriously. Maybe alongside with seeing a therapist. But I also believe, you are a person who is able to overcome whatever is keeping you from doing what you like the most.
Your boyfriend will be the right person to strenghten your back and helping you pulling through.
Take the time you need and get better soon. Best wishes.

Kymber Hawke · January 27, 2023 at 3:36 pm

I’m sorry for the struggle you’ve been dealing with. This definitely doesn’t sound like you, so I appreciate how miserable you must feel. Depression is a terrible thing that really messes with you. I hope your doctors figure out how best to help you and that you get to feeling like yourself soon.

Sending you much love, Louise. xoxo ❤️❤️

Stephanie · January 29, 2023 at 12:47 pm

We are here for you while you weather the Storm, Louise. Hope all’s well soon

sempreviva · January 29, 2023 at 7:48 pm

Hi Louise! ❤️ I am so so sorry to read you’re not feeling well..! 😔 Depression is a b#%&h for sure.
I hope there will be a way for you to feel better soon.. And if you ever want to talk, you can still find me on tumblr or discord, I’ll be happy to have a discussion about anything! 🙂
On a more positive note, I am really happy for all the nice turns your life has taken. I hope you get to feel like yourself again and be able to fully enjoy them!
Many many hugs 💕

socallucyfan · February 10, 2023 at 5:39 am

I am so sorry to hear about this. Please take care. Your health is top priority. I have been there, and so please feel free to reach out.
On a positive note; I am happy to hear about the new job. And that things are going well with the boyfriend.

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