Monte Vista Stories | 1.18. An Offer to Refuse


Lucia looked so much like a normal person, you wouldn’t have thought she’d had her husband killed and had attempted to do the same to her daughter. She didn’t look like someone who would control an entire gang from the shadows, she didn’t look like she could start gang wars and tear families apart. But that was her.

“Lisa, lighten the fuck up,” Lucia said. “You wanted to talk, so let’s talk.”

“Cool, let’s. I’d like to ask you to not stab me. When you get around to murdering me, get a fucking gun and get it over with quickly. I hate being stabbed.”

Lucia let out a heavy sigh and rolled her eyes.

“Okay, time for a lesson…” she strolled over to the dresser in the room and leaned nonchalantly against it. She didn’t even look at Vittoria while talking, opting rather to study her nails. (more…)

Monte Vista Stories | 1.17. A Small Oversight

Content warning: I don’t normally warn about my swearing because it’s everywhere, but this one gets very bad. F-bombs incoming – hide your kids. There are some crude references to sexual activities as well as some abusive situations and implicit threats that may be unpleasant to read. Please, tread with care.


The house that Lucia hid in was one Vittoria didn’t know about before, but Franco had been kind enough to provide an address. It belonged to a friend of the gang, which could be anything from low-life drug dealers to members of the town council. She didn’t think this was a drug den, though as it was nicely furnished, and it seemed like fresh air made it in here occasionally. Druggies didn’t usually open windows.

One nasty smell hung in the air, though. A sickening, floral scent that she recognised as Lucia’s preferred perfume. She always practically bathed in it, though maybe she had deliberately sprayed it everywhere to deter predators like her daughter. (more…)