Posedump | 25 (Non-Listed) Poses

Hi everyone!

I know I’ve already posted today, but I thought today would be good to dump a little Christmas present on you guys. This time it’s a pose dump consisting of mostly story-telling poses that I’ve made for this and that. They’re pretty recent this time (thankfully) and all from Monte Vista Stories, so lots of poses for all your criminal needs (… no? Just me? Kay). This time, you get:

  • 25 poses in non-listed format
    • 9 stand-alone poses for adults
    • 11 coupled sets for adults/teens
    • 1 coupled set for an adult and a child
  • Pose codes in a .txt file
  • A note on height-adjustment
  • A list of links for the accessories I’ve used in the poses
  • Images with pose codes
  • A folder with the .clip files
  • Holiday wishes from me! (You get those even if you’re not downloading, though).


Some of the poses in this set are height-adjusted, which means that you’ll have to either:

  • Use a height-slider. I use CMar’s slider. In most of these, the sim in the male position is set to 200 and the female is set to -130. (For sorrydaddy1-2 the male is set to 180, however).
  • Use an OMSP. Simply pop your dude on it and set it to around 13 cm (may need to be lowered a little for sorrydaddy1-2), then snap photos from the waist-up. Or don’t – I’m a free-minded individual.



Posedump | 28 (Non-Listed) Poses

Hi guys!

I’m almost back from my break, but before the story continues, I thought I’d give you the first of two posedumps I’m planning. I’ve been making poses since 2014 (according to my pose folder, anyway), and because I’m both lazy AND a perfectionist, there’s a fair few poses I never released. Sometimes it was perfectionism getting in the way, but mostly just laziness. Since posedumps are pretty awesome, I figured – why not do it this way! Some of them are from 2014, which means they are wonky as HECK. It even includes what I think must be one of my first attempts at a couple’s pose – CRINGE 😀 Let’s have a look…


Posepack | Table Chats

Hi guyysssss! How would you like some kind of shitty conversation poses? Oh man, I even made myself excited. Let’s look at these darn things!

This is a set of six (not so) glorious conversation poses. Some were used for my most recent chapter, while others have been languishing in my folder full of pitiful poses that will never see the light of day (probably). No longer, though! Time for these poses to become real boys. (more…)

Posepack | Disaster

ZING! Pose time! I did say I might get it out today, after all I had the previews and I just had to make it list compatible and test. If you like inflicting pain and suffering on innocent pixel people, you’re in luck as that’s just what this pack’s somewhat hyperbolic name would suggest you can do! This one’ll have your Sims suffering in no time flat.

“But Louise,” I hear you say. “Despair and violence is all well and good, but does this one have your signature funky elbows?” Oh, does it ever, imaginary friend! And I throw in some bonus wonky knees because I’m generous like that. Real talk: They’re not perfect – I think the hands are pretty lazy, but if you finagle the camera you can get some photos that look neat. Have a look at them in use in the latest CoM chapter if you’re curious as to what you can do with strategic camera placement and some funky lighting to distract the eye!

Before I manage to convince you not to download these, I’d like to add that they are – naturally – list compatible and they snap together. They’re made for a man and a woman, but they could work for other genders – I just haven’t tested that. As per usual, all kinds of funky clipping could happen with sims of greater girth or sims with funny slider settings.

And now, some previews! (In all their HQ glory ’cause damn it, I’d freaking marry the HQ mod if I could).


Must. Not. Comment on. Booty… *clears throat* Anywaaaayyy, she’s passed out and he’s kneeing next to her and touching her shoulder.