Extras | 50 Questions + In-Depth Character Meme

Hi guys!

So, today is just a little post with some character development tags from Tumblr that I’ve been meaning to post since… well, since I posted them on Tumblr. I had an exam today and I’m still extremely tired, but I wanted to take the time to post something, because I miss it. The first you’ll see is fifty questions for Gina and after that there are some more in-depth questions about Enzo, because he’s my special rich boy.

Now then, let’s have a little read.


Extras | Getting to Know Tag #1

Hi guys!

So, over on Tumblr, a taggy thing happened, and Jowita decided to “import” it to WP, so to speak – because honestly, we’ve needed a good taggy game for a while. It’s another challenge about answering questions as one of your characters. I, of course, can’t control myself, so I’ve done both Gina and Enzo and I might do more characters in the future, just because I feel like it. It reminds me I’ve also been planning an OC tag post for Enzo and Lotta, but I keep forgetting to post them. Soon, hopefully!

For now, you get these tags about my favourite criminal and rich boy 🙂


Taggy Stuff(-ish) | Genderbend Challenge


Edited to add Amy’s awesome logo! This challenge is like a thing now with tags and everything. Check it out!

As you might already know, people are bending the genders of their characters, and I want in! Fair warning, though – I’m about to show you something that may turn your stomach. Namely, Carlo as a woman. It’s horrible. It’s an abomination. So, now that you’re properly warned, let’s hop to it! Let’s get the not-so-great out of the way first with the AMVS mains… (more…)

Taggy Stuff | Versatile Blogger Award

versatile.jpgIt’s that time again where I got tagged. This time I’ve been tagged by lovely Rosemary whose blog Booomcha is just a delight. She’s a great writer and one of the kindest people in the Sims community. I’m happy she thought of me for this. The rules for the award are as such:

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15+ amazing bloggers for this award. That’s a lot of bloggers when you’re a newbie. I won’t be offended if you choose not to “do anything with it.”

So I’ll start with the facts (I hope they’re actually interesting): (more…)

Extras | OC Tag #3 Marta

Hi folksies! 😀

Don’t be scared – the Tagpocalypse of February hasn’t happened again. I think we all agree that was really fun, but hard. No, this time is just a single tag. I was tagged for the OC Tag once more by Freja64 of The Grey Witches. Now, I shamefully admit that I haven’t read Freja’s stuff but it looks like there’s enough to check out – so binging could happen in the future! Until then, go check out their stuff. It looks super cool 🙂
I won’t tag anyone myself this time, though if you haven’t been tagged and you’re super sad – TAG, you’re it! Otherwise, just lean back and enjoy this post.

Now, as you might have seen from the title, I’ve decided that this time I want to do Marta. Another shameful fact i have to admit is that apart from my mains, my side characters aren’t super well developed. Marta is one of the better, though, so let’s give her a chance to answer!

Without further ado – here we go! (more…)