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    Photo Shoot | Characters and Flowers

    Hi guys! I hope you’re ready for more photo spam because… well, I’ve got some photos to spam. This one wasn’t a challenge, really. I was inspired to do it by an Instagram artist challenge #5colorswithflowers, because hey, I like flowers. I was initially going to do the same flowers as the challenge, but since ts3 is what it is, I decided to go with the flowers that I could find. And of course I did seven sets instead of five. You’ll notice that these are completely Gina-free – shock and awe. Instead, I chose some of my other characters and let them shine. Soooo, here we go – my…

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    Photo Shoot | Holiday Cheer

    Hi guys! 🙂 As is obvious from… well, the whole blog, I’ve changed my theme to be a little festive 🙂 I had a ton of fun making poses and setting up festive rooms for this, so obviously I’m not just going to let you off easy with just the few small pictures in the header. Basically, here’s some more pictures from the layout shoot I did. I hope you like them! Now then, like I said, these were a lot of fun to take. I’m especially pleased with the pose I made for Carlo and Vittoria – she looks so devious and then of course there’s Carlo in an…

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    Photoshoot(ish) | Layout Pictures

    Okay, look, so I normally don’t make a post just to say that I’ve made a new layout but… I made a new layout, you guys! 😀 It’s not the only reason I’m making this post of course. Truth is, I miss posting, so now I’m just going to take the bigger versions of the pics you can already see on the blog and I’m going to dump them on your faces for no particular reason. It’s a photoshoot… but not really. Still, I’m pretty proud of how they came out and wanted to share. I’m still on a break with the story until the 20th. That gives me a…

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    Photo Shoot | Artful Thief

    I’ve wanted to do another photo shoot for some time, because it’s been a while and it’s fun. I finally managed to come up with an idea and shoot some pics that I’m halfway satisfied with. This one combines my two favourite things right now: Mirror floors and Regina. Thus, this is officially the first generation 2 photo shoot! Let’s get right to it, shall we?

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    Extras | Photoshoot – Black and White

    Hi guuuuuyssss! Tired of me yet? Well, that’s too bad because I’m posting something today as well. Not a lot to say today. The other day, lovely Rosemary asked if I had a badge she could use for her website and I did not. So, I set about making one. The result of that was a couple of badges on the homepage that were made with every picture but the ones from the shoot so hahahaha… Yeah.

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    Random | Valentine Photoshoot

    Hi guys, this is just me checking in with a little photoshoot I did. Now, other than for storytelling, I don’t do many, but since I just changed my default skin texture and installed the HQ mod (everything is so pretty oh my word), I wanted to snap some pictures. Since it’s Valentine’s Day today, I thought it would be fitting to make a romantic photoshoot of my messed up couples. Yay! It’s not even because I do much for Valentine’s day. I gave boyfriend a Valentine’s teablend and he has the flu so he hasn’t really been in any shape to give me anything. But well, I like romantic(-ish)…