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    Photo Shoot | Characters and Flowers

    Hi guys! I hope you’re ready for more photo spam because… well, I’ve got some photos to spam. This one wasn’t a challenge, really. I was inspired to do it by an Instagram artist challenge #5colorswithflowers, because hey, I like flowers. I was initially going to do the same flowers as the challenge, but since ts3 is what it is, I decided to go with the flowers that I could find. And of course I did seven sets instead of five. You’ll notice that these are completely Gina-free – shock and awe. Instead, I chose some of my other characters and let them shine. Soooo, here we go – my…

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    Photo Shoot | OC Photo Challenge #13 – #15

    Hi guys! So it’s finally time for the last part of my OC Photo Challenge. It’s taken me a while, especially compared to the last posts. Not because I haven’t had fun, but because I had a bit too much fun with some of these topics. So I got massively carried away. Like, you have no clue how badly I got carried away – you’ll see. Another thing is that I’m studying for my exam (exams, actually – two in one day, yikes) and energy is a bit low. I have a big backlog of written chapters and one chapter written and edited with photos, so my hope is still…

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    Photo Shoot | OC Photo Challenge #4-#6

    Hi guys! I know I posted yesterday, but I couldn’t help myself – I’m back today with the next part of my OC Photo Challenge. I wrote a little bit about the challenge itself in the last post, so if you haven’t, you might want to read about it. I already had a lot of fun with the first three entries but for this one, I have to tell you – I truly got out of hand and had absolutely insane amounts of fun with both making sets and editing. So, let’s get to it!

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    Photo Shoot | Starlight Becomes You

    Hi guys, I’m here with an impulse photo shoot for you. I was actually planning on spending a night listening to podcasts and playing Slime Rancher, but Enzo’s cute face compelled me. So here we are – I hope you like it! There we are, then. I hope you guys enjoyed these. I’m actually pretty happy with these, unusually enough for me. For something I threw together on a whim, though, I do think they’re pretty nice. They also display (kind of – not all do, but in some you can see) my new mods. I got a mod to replace the stars and clouds. I think it looks amazing, and…

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    Photoshoot + Posepack | Rainy Day

    I long for autumn rains. Long walks in the forest with my raincoat and boots on… Since the weather is all over the place, I guess the only way I’ll get nice, lovely autumn rains is in ts3. This is second part of my little autumn shoot (the first part of which is here), but it’s also got a nice little bonus – the poses that I made for this shoot are available for download at the end. I intended this as a little way to celebrate my birthday yesterday, so I wanted to put it out then but that didn’t quite work out. Here they are instead, though! Let’s…

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    Photoshoot | Stolen Moments

    Hi guys, Today, I’m posting a cute little summery photoshoot because I’m happy. I went to my oral maths exam today and passed with a top grade. The weather is beautiful, I’m going out to dinner with boyfriend tonight, and life is great 🙂 I thought I would share a little of my summery happiness, then, in the form of a cute little shoot with Carlo and Vittoria – because I like taking pictures of their beautiful faces, and I don’t want to post pics of Gina and her love interest… yet. A few notes about this shoot: It’s hard to summery-fy Carlo. I considered putting him in shorts or…

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    Photoshooting | Falling

    Hi guysssssss! I’m on a bit of a picture taking frenzy. It has resulted in me changing the pictures for my OC challenge post for AMVS (’cause I didn’t like the old ones) and it’s resulted in this little photoshoot. Not much to say here – I’m a sappy sap, I like taking cute romantic pictures, and Vittoria and Carlo are my favourite victims subjects. I took the pictures in the new version of Carlo and Camillo’s house that I made for my AMVS edit. While I was at it I took pictures that I might use for that edit as well so uh, yeah… busy, busy (with everything but…

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    Photoshoot | Getaway

    Hi guyysssss! So, it’s the first day of me posting something other than a chapter. Last week when I made the decision to do that, it seemed like such a good idea! Photoshoots! Articles! Backstory! So, as the weekend got closer, I sat down and thought: What to do? And I had no freaking idea 😀 That was, until I stumbled on these photos. They were actually supposed to be part of the finale of A Monte Vista story, but then I changed my mind and dropped them, which was a little sad, because I think they’re pretty cute! I can’t say anything more about the context, as some of…

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    Extras | Photoshoot – Simpler Times

    Hi guys, I’m back for an extra post – the story isn’t back until 31st of March. Instead, I bring you a photoshoot. I felt like playing around with ReShade after seeing the cool stuff Lila Remonn managed to do with it (go check it out – she’s so good at it!) – it encouraged me to be a little ‘braver’ so to speak and use some of the cool effects that I might otherwise fear are a bit much. Today, I wanted to do a shoot of Carlo and Vittoria, but one that was a bit more lighthearted and sweet – a throwback to when things were simpler in…

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    Extras | Photoshoot: Sunny/Stellar

    Hi guys! So, this post has been in my drafts since Wednesday or Thursday or something and I decided to get it out there today. For some reason, I was a little insecure about this one so now I’m just going to post it before I convince myself to keep it in the drafts (or delete it). It’s another photoshoot (tired of that yet?). After I did the Carlo/Vittoria one I also wanted to do one with my sweet little nerds and the colour scheme is inspired by Nadir’s moodboard from the moodboard tag, because I thought it was kind of neat. Then I also took some other snaps on…