• Custom Objects

    Download | High Tea Tower

    Hi guys! So I thought it was high time for a spot of tea and there’s no better way to do it than at a fancy English-style tea room. Imagine a nice cup of darjeeling with scones, finger sandwiches and cupcakes. The centerpiece of high tea is the tower with all those tasty treats and I happen to have made a lovely high tea tower for my game, which I’m going to share as a little holiday present for you all. Let’s have a look at the goods!

  • Poses

    Posepack | Real Smile Poses

    Hi guys! I’m back with some new poses, but not storytelling poses. It’s bizarre, I know. Rather, I bring you three model poses with Sims actually smiling. Okay, so I do have some model poses in my game that smile, but the thing about smiling is that it’s more than just lifting the corners of the mouth. A real smile changes the whole face – the eyebrows lift, the eyes scrunch up because the cheek muscles move. Lots of cool stuff happening with a true smile! Many of the smiling poses I have don’t reach the eyes and consequently it just looks wrong (either that or I’m very picky with…

  • Poses

    Posepack | Disaster

    ZING! Pose time! I did say I might get it out today, after all I had the previews and I just had to make it list compatible and test. If you like inflicting pain and suffering on innocent pixel people, you’re in luck as that’s just what this pack’s somewhat hyperbolic name would suggest you can do! This one’ll have your Sims suffering in no time flat. “But Louise,” I hear you say. “Despair and violence is all well and good, but does this one have your signature funky elbows?” Oh, does it ever, imaginary friend! And I throw in some bonus wonky knees because I’m generous like that. Real…