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I bring you the gift of overly specific poses. These are for having those conversations that your Sims might not want to have. But hey, you’re probably going to force them to have ’em anyway. It’s for their own good – you’re a benevolent watcher.

The set consists of only three poses this time, one for males, and two for females that fit with the male one. They’re both meant for a chair and table combo. For the previews I’ve used a table + chairs from the base game, though they fit nicely with other sets as well. Of course, you might experience clipping if your table has funky details. You can vary genders as you see fit as well, but that might also lead to clipping and/or funky floating hands – no height-adjustments on the male this time, though, so there’s that. You can see them in use here.

Trying to get her to talk, but she’s very focused on something else


She’s finally looking up, but very hesitantly.


Now, naming for these clips are A MESS. I forgot to put NJB in the clip name which I’ve started doing to avoid conflicts with other creators. But then at least I have the hope that nobody has named their clips as stupidly as I did with this. It’s called ‘timeforatalk1’. Maybe you’re thinking… well, where is timeforatalk2? And 3? They’re nowhere. I just spaced out. Likewise, one of the clips is called femb. Is there a fema? NOPE! It’s just called fem. So, uh, I really dropped the ball on this one.

As always, you can download below. There’s a list and a non-list version, some preview photos and a list of pose codes included. Please tell me if something doesn’t work, and have fun!

Download (Box, .zip)

Download (SFS, .zip)

See you around, guys!


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