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So, maybe you write SimLit and your readers are screaming at your main couple toΒ just freaking kiss each other already. They know they want it, you know know they want it and well… don’t let them. Us writers don’t get off on giving the readers what they want. Yeah, yeah, you promised that they would get together soon, but that wouldn’t be fun. Drag out the pain a little! Watch them squirm! Drink their salty tears and laugh maniacally as the comments pour in!

… Not that you’re like that, of course.

Even then, if you’re here because you want to create some flirty tension, you’re in the right place. I’ve made a very small posepack consisting of a single set of couple’s poses for when your Sims are flirty and close, so close… but not quite there yet πŸ˜‰


This small set is list compatible and snaps together so you won’t have to finagle your sims too much before they can stare longingly into each other’s eyes. Also, as always, you will probably be able to use sims of either gender – but keep in mind what is says below about heights!

One MAJOR detail to be aware of – I made these with height-adjusted sims in mind. They DO NOT stretch your sims at all. Both of the sims you see in the preview are height-adjusted. I use Cmar’s Height Slider. His is set to 200 and hers to -130 (I believe the numbers are visible if you use MasterController).

If you DON’T want to use a height slider, there’s still hope, though. Pop your guy on an OMSP and set it to approximately 13 centimetres. In this case, I recommend only taking pics from the waist up – I mean, unless your sim has a magical, floating boyfriend and I don’t judge them for that. That’s cool.

Now it wouldn’t be made by me without a few derps, though this time the elbows and knees are quite reasonable. However, the feet are a little too close:

Clippy feet… oopsie.

The faces don’t clip, at least, and you can see how they look here:

Face details.

Other than that, it’s business as usual. There’s a version with and without list compatibility, as well as a file listing the pose codes so you can copy-paste and not have to sort through your massively bloated poselist (or is that just me??). You’ll find them looking like this in the list:


You will find the download right here:

Download (Box, .zip)

Download (SFS, .zip)

As always, tell me if something is weird or doesn’t work!

Now, for those who are interested, I originally made these poses because I wanted to finally get some photos done for generation 2 of Monte Vista Stories. If you’re curious, I’ve added titles/dates for the first five chapters (part one), and I’ve finally come up with a title for this generation – Artful. There are a few changes to my home page and the sidebar and stuff as well. I’ve even scheduled the first chapter (waaaat!) and I’m like a kid on Christmas, basically.

ANYWAY, thanks for having a look at these here poses and for making it this far. I’ll see you for the next post.



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