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I know, I know, guys, try not to faint, but I’m putting some poses up for download. It’s only been 827 years since I did so the last time. These are some poses that I made for Champion of Moonlight, though I only ended up using one of them for the chapter in the end (am I the only pose maker who has a billion unused poses in my folder?).

What you get here are four handshake poses. Okay, so it’s not exactly exciting, but I needed them, and I thought someone else might, too. One pose is a regular old handshake. The other is almost the same, except this one is more fond with one Sim holding the others’ hand.

Regular old handshake
Aaaw, look, they’re happy to see each other!

Now, confession time, guys: that second one is not perfect. I even considered not uploading it. You might notice that the dude’s hand is sort of hovering in the air over hers. That’s great if you want to use this pose as a pose for a healer (for creativity can bloom from my incompetence), but not so great for regular non-healing hands. I just had a surprising amount of trouble getting both of these to work, and while the other one looks decent this one… eh, it’s okay.

I tried…?

Other stuff you might like to know: This is list compatible and it snaps together. I made it with a male and female in mind, and I haven’t tested it for other gender combinations. It’s possible it could work for male-male or female-female, but clipping and even more hover-y-ness might occur. The same goes for if you use hand sliders, height sliders and so on. A final confession – the bottom pose says that it’s ‘M shaking hands with M’ – obviously, silly face meant that it’s ‘M shaking hands with F’, but I just couldn’t be bothered to go back and change it when everything else seems to work perfectly.

So, with that said, here’s a download link. If there’s anything wrong with it, please let me know, and have fun with it:

Download here (Box, .zip)

Download (SFS, .zip)



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