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Hi guys!

I’m back with some new poses, but not storytelling poses. It’s bizarre, I know. Rather, I bring you three model poses with Sims actually smiling. Okay, so I do have some model poses in my game that smile, but the thing about smiling is that it’s more than just lifting the corners of the mouth. A real smile changes the whole face – the eyebrows lift, the eyes scrunch up because the cheek muscles move. Lots of cool stuff happening with a true smile! Many of the smiling poses I have don’t reach the eyes and consequently it just looks wrong (either that or I’m very picky with my poses*). I was trying to right that with these – I hope I’ve managed it.


The set consists of the three poses above – two made with female rigs and one with a male. The set comes in a list and a no list variety so there’s something for everyone. If you want the first to have the hand up against a wall, you will need to use the alt key to move it into position.

Now, I know what you all want to know: “Louise, are the elbows funky?” To which I can say: No! No funky elbows this time. But the shoulder on 3 might look a bit weird, especially with a female sim. Otherwise, all three work fine for both genders, though as always you might see some clipping. That goes for Sims with fun slider settings as well.

But without further ado – a look at the details of the faces so you can see these famous smiles better – they’re in order, so the first picture is the first in the above and so on:




Here’s how they look in the poselist:


Other than that – that’s it for now. I hope these will bring a smile to your faces – or at least to your sims’ faces πŸ™‚ Download link is below. Please tell me if something doesn’t work and I’ll see you in the next post!

Download (Box, .zip)

Download (SFS, .zip)



* I am, in fact, very picky with my poses. If you ever look at my story pics and think ‘Hey, there’s a lot of shots taken from the back, that would be why – I’m hiding the face because it doesn’t look how I’d like.


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