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Hi guysss!

I think it’s probably been a very long time since I’ve done a proper pose pack, but I thought these were too cute to not share them. It’s a little pack of conversation poses for your cute sims couple. You can see an example of one of them in use here.

First Things First

These poses are all meant to be used with height-adjusted sims. In my case, I achieve the height-difference by using a 90% OMSP resizer. I use this one by Buckley. Simply put, when you want to use the poses, you pop your lady on the 90% resizer and place her as you would with any other pose.

You may need to tweak their positioning with the alt key. If the pose doesn’t quite fit, check that she’s not rotated on the OMSP, because that tends to happen. If so, you can either adjust her until she’s standing straight or rotate the OMSP so the pose fits.

If you use height-sliders, I suggest setting them to zero, or the poses might come out wonky. Other things that can impact how the poses look include body sliders and voluminous clothes. The poses were made with a male and female sim in mind and I don’t guarantee that they’ll look great if you use them for other genders. (However, you’re always free to edit them to suit your needs).

Let’s Look at Those Poses

The pack consists of 3 sets of couple’s poses for a total of 6 poses. They look as follows.

Face details for intimateconversation1

Face details for intimateconversation2

Face details for intimateconversation3

Known Issues

It wouldn’t be a pack by me unless the elbows were a bit funky. They’re all a little funky. Worst of all is for pose 3, which has this problem:

It’s easy to edit out or shoot around, so my lazy butt didn’t do anything about it.

There’s also the ‘female sim gets rotated on the OMSP’ I talked about above. They generally snap in place with no problem, but sometimes she doesn’t slot straight onto the OMSP. This isn’t something I can do anything about, but it’s something you should be aware of as it might make these a little finicky to work with. You can adjust her on the OMSP or rotate her a little while holding alt down and it should be possible to get it to make sense.

The hands in the poses also hover quite a bit. I wanted to make space for broad shoulders/long noses/big hips and so on.


There’s a list compatible version of this and it shows up in your list like so:


With my poses you are free to…

  • Edit them to suit your needs.
  • Convert them to other games.
  • Share those edits/conversions on your blog.
  • Nail them to a frisbee and fling them over a rainbow.

I’d prefer if you didn’t reupload unedited versions of these or try and make money off them (frankly, it’s a waste of your time – like did you see that funky elbow up there they’re flawed, man) and if you do make edits and share them, a little spot of credit wouldn’t hurt. However, I also know that the Internet is a desolate wasteland and nothing is sacred. Do your worst, dudes.


Oh boy, I thought we’d never make it, but here we are. This download contains:

  • The poses in both listed and non-listed varieties.
  • Preview images with codes.
  • A note with the pose codes and descriptions.
  • A note on height-adjustment.

Download (SimFileShare, .zip)

Download (Box, .zip)

Thank You For Being Here!

I hope you like the look of these and if you find a use for them, feel free to drop me a message so I can creepily spy on you. You can also tag me @notjustabooksims on Tumblr, so I can have a look and tell you that you’re awesome, because you definitely are.

Otherwise, thank you guys for checking these out. I hope everyone’s having a good time and enjoying the summer. We’re in the midst of a heatwave, hence Gina and Enzo being so summery! I can’t help but be influenced by the season when I take pics. Anywayyyy, I wish everyone a good day and I hope I’ll see you for the next post.




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