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I’ve wanted to do another photo shoot for some time, because it’s been a while and it’s fun. I finally managed to come up with an idea and shoot some pics that I’m halfway satisfied with. This one combines my two favourite things right now: Mirror floors and Regina. Thus, this is officially the first generation 2 photo shoot! Let’s get right to it, shall we?

A few words on the shoot. Normally, I don’t edit photos much, but for this one I did a fair bit of fixing. Her hairstyle in this is finicky as heck, as is the long coat. I think I managed to make it subtle enough when I’ve done it, hopefully.

The building here is a redesign of the Monte Vista art museum, which, if you’ve read the recent chapter, is very fitting for Gina πŸ™‚ I made over the museum before, for a version of chapter 6 that I ended up scrapping. There were no mirror floors in it (I don’t know what I was thinking – how could I make a huge, pretty room without them?), but I liked it a lot all the same. And then for some reason, past me decided that it would be a grand old idea to delete it. For some reason. Thanks, past me, you’re great. This edit is pretty decent, but there was still something about the old version that I liked more. At least this has mirror floors.

A shout-out to the paintings I’ve used here. I stumbled on a blog full of fine art paintings for ts3. The creator hasn’t updated in a long, long time, but the artworks are still very much appreciated. The last post they did were Renoir paintings and it feels like it was meant for me. Renoir is my favourite. Anyway, if you’re into all of that yourself, or your sims are also art thieves (what? It could happen!), go check it out. I adore it and at one point I will lag my game to hell because they’re all in my game.

I think that’s enough rambling from here. I hope you enjoyed the shoot, and I’ll see you guys for the next post.



  • loladiamond01

    These are beautiful, I love your photos and your photo sessions in general. Floor mirrors are super pretty, I didn’t even know they existed in the game β™₯

    • NotJustaBook

      Thank you very much, Jowita <3
      I love mirror floors - I got these from TSR and I've used them a lot since, lol πŸ˜›

  • Kymber

    This is really terrific! I think you know how much I LOVE your photo shoots! Gina is so pretty and stylish. I’ve used those mirror floors in the past and really like them a lot.

  • amyqueen

    I’ve used that same jacket/top combo before (but the male version) and it’s slightly frustrating to shoot with because it gets oddly clippy in the chest area – so I feel ya on the fixing up, haha. The photos came out lovely! Gina looks so pretty~ I didn’t know mirrored floors were a thing so I’m off to find a way to not-so-subtly incorporate them somehow, lol. I was going to comment on the still life you posted last chapter and say that it was magnificent, but forgot. I’ve developed somewhat of an appreciation for art as one of my best friends is an art history major. Personally, I’m a fan of Seurat πŸ™‚ That blog you linked is so cool. Thanks for sharing, this was a lovely post <3

    • NotJustaBook

      Ha, ha, yes, it’s a super pain. I loved that preset on Gina, and I wanted to use it in a chapter – it just wasn’t great with more complex poses so I figured I’d have her wear it for the shoot :’)
      I’m really glad you like the pictures. Gina is my new favourite model <3
      The mirror floors are awesome, though if I may say so, you should get the ones from TSR. The ones from MTS have muddied textures on the bigger ones πŸ™‚
      I love that blog so much! I really wish they hadn't stopped posting, but just what we got is great. I am thinking of doing some more myself, because even though there were some Renoirs, none of my favourites are in there!
      Thank you for your kind words <3

  • sempreviva

    Wow, this is a great photoshoot! I love how mischievous (and of course, like everyone said, gorgeous) Regina looks <3
    I didn't even know mirrored floors existed! Whaaat? I guess each day you learn something new, haha!
    And now I must really download everything from this blog! Thank you for sharing it! I guess my laptop is going to explode soon with all this amazing cc but oh well, it will be worth it! 😁 <3 <3

    • NotJustaBook

      Thank you πŸ˜€ I’m so glad you think that. I’m totally in love with her style <3
      They're really awesome, mirror floors πŸ˜€ they look amazing, especially for rooms that are supposed to be stylish/expensive πŸ™‚
      Ha, ha, yeah, I expect lots of lag with all the paintings I'll end up downloading myself :') <3

  • Lila Remonn

    Such a lovely photoshoot! I really love the mirrored floors, they are a very striking feature. And Gina, of course, looks divine.
    By the way, I forgot to tell you, but I tried your tutorial tips — the cross-shaped lighting set up and putting lights over existing ones — in the last chapter. They were super handy, thank you πŸ˜€

    • NotJustaBook

      Thank you! It was so fun to do a shoot again ❀️
      It’s really great that you found a use for the tips ❀️ your pictures are already amazing and generally everyone is so talented – I wasn’t sure the tutorial would be useful. Seems it is though πŸ™‚
      Again thank you for the kind words!

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