Generation 1 (Rewrite)

This is a page for the rewrite of the first generation of Monte Vista Stories. I’ve long been wildly unsatisfied with how the first generation turned out, especially because I think there’s a good story and interesting characters in there, but it didn’t turn out how I like for many reasons. The story is mostly the same as the original version, but I’m going to be expanding on several characters, adding new ones where I feel they’re needed, and wrangle the plot into something that makes sense. If you want to read the first generation, I recommend reading this rewrite (once it’s out). The old version is still available here.

There’s no set schedule for the rewrite. I do new chapters when I want to, which means sometimes there’ll be a bunch, and other times there’ll be none.

Note: If you want to catch up to generation 2, you don’t have to read either of the versions. Generation 2 is mostly stand-alone and if you want to get a few details but without reading all of the old chapters, you can look at the generation 1 recaps.

Chapter 1 | Vittoria

Chapter 2 | Welcome to Monte Vista

Chapter 3 | Breakfast Meetings

Chapter 4 | The Hitman

Chapter 5 | The Museum

Chapter 6 | Homesick

Chapter 7 | The Innocents

Chapters are posted irregularly and the titles of chapters are likely to change up until the day of posting.

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