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Hey everyone! Today, I bring a little extra for you. And by little, I mean have you even read any of my ‘little’ extras and if you have, do you truly believe it’s little at all? What we have here are character profiles for the characters from the first generation of Monte Vista Stories.

I got a little carried away yesterday and ended up taking pictures of everyone (even characters nobody cares about, ever) and I’m writing bios for everyone. By that I mean, below you’ll find bios of characters who have appeared in a few chapters and even characters whose faces we haven’t seen. Told you I got carried away. There are lots of little tidbits of info that’s not in the story in here, though beware that it does contain lots of spoilers for the backstory for certain characters.

This all happened because I’ve added two other extras as well: An age chart and a family tree. And yes, those are spoilery as well. Though for generation two, all you get are names and the ages of the characters at the beginning of gen two. The family tree also holds a few surprises. Though Marta isn’t blood related to anyone, you might notice that she actually managed to sneak into the family tree! You’ll find the explanation for that in the bios. So let’s get to them, shall we 🙂



Carlo Mancini

The oldest of two brothers, Carlo Mancini took responsibility for his younger brother, Camillo, when their father died.

To get by, he resorted to stealing cars and committing petty larceny. When he was discovered stealing Franco Bianchi’s car, Franco invited him to join the gang. Over the years, Carlo turned out to have a knack for art theft and the day-to-day leadership of a gang. This eventually lead him to become leader of Good Guys Inc. The biggest gang in Monte Vista and the surrounding areas.

Though he swore for years that it was only a temporary gig to take care of his brother, he never stopped.

In spite of his profession, he has a strong sense of morals, instilled in him by his father. He has gained a positive reputation among his own men and other gangs for this reason.

When he met Vittoria, he was initially hesitant to fall for her, though he eventually realised that she, much like himself, had criminal inclinations. They married and had two children together, as well as an adopted daughter in Marta.


Vittoria Mancini

(Née Lisa Nespola, later Giocondo)

Vittoria had a turbulent childhood, if you can even call it a childhood. She’s the only child of Lucia Adesso and Olieviero Nespola. She was only sixteen when she had Vittoria with Nespola, who was a violent, unpleasant drunkard. After he died, Vittoria’s mother settled down with Alessandro Giocondo, who wasn’t much better as far as violence went. Vittoria was trained from a young age to protect her stepfather from other gangs and she turned out very talented at it. Despite this, he wasn’t ever satisfied with her performance and was often violent and unpredictable.

Vittoria killed her stepfather at her mother’s urging, took on his identity, and led the gang for close to two years. She was nearly killed by her mother and fled to Monte Vista, pretending to be dead—at this point, she started going by Vittoria.

She chose to go to Monte Vista because she had heard of Marco Mancini’s reputation and figured she would be safe with his son. After some initial hesitation, she ended up falling for Carlo and settling with him, including having two children.

Because of her turbulent upbringing, she rarely gets attached to anyone and has trouble showing affection. It often leads to ruthless and cold behaviour, though in reality she’s extremely fond and protective of the people closest to her.


Camillo Mancini

The younger brother of Carlo Mancini never turned to crime like his brother. After witnessing his father’s death at a young age, Camillo was depressed for several years and his brother had to take care of him. Because of this, he always felt responsible for his brother’s turning to  a life crime. When he eventually recovered, he started working as a chef and he turned out to have great talent. He would eventually come to own his own restaurant, which is also where he met his wife, Simona.

Unlike his older brother, he never wanted children of his own, and thus he and Simona always remained childless. They instead run a very successful restaurant and have a few cats together.


Lucia Giocondo

(Née Adesso)

Lucia was kicked out from home at an early age by violent, uncaring parents. Desperate and alone, she sought help from a friend who got her a job babysitting Marco Mancini’s two young sons. Lucia was extremely taken with the older man and pursued him relentlessly, but he always turned her down. Eventually, she instead met Oliviero Nespola, a gang member who ended up fathering her only daughter, Lisa. This started a trend of Lucia seducing and influencing powerful men to get power. After Nespola’s death she was drawn to Alessandro Giocondo and through manipulation and using her considerable beauty, she convinced him to marry her. She ran the gang through him for years until he started getting suspicious. At this point, she had her daughter kill him and she instead ruled through Lisa. This only ended when Lisa faked her death and fled to Monte Vista.


Marta Zini

Marta is the only child of Alberto and Tatiana Zini. Her mother died when she was young and she only remembers the time she lived with her dad. He passed down his sense of humour and his joy of life to Marta.

As the daughter of a man involved in crime, she saw her fair share of criminal activity and death at a young age, but it didn’t truly affect her until her dad was killed when she was seven. After this she was taken in by Lucia Giocondo, who mistreated and abused the girl.

She eventually managed to flee Lucia to Monte Vista. After many trials and tribulations, she was taken in by Carlo Mancini and treated as his daughter.


Franco Bianchi

Franco is the go-to-guy for everything in the Monte Vista underground. He has a nearly endless list of contacts and puts them to use doing whatever his boss tells him to. Franco is loyal to a fault and adept at spotting criminal talent—he’s the one who discovered Carlo and asked him to join the gang.

Franco’s homelife is less harmonic than his work. His relationship with his wife, Kaela, is turbulent, and though he loves his three children, the work with the gang has always overshadowed their relations. His loyalty lies first and foremost to the gang and his boss. He eventually divorced Kaela and it turned out to be best for all parties.


Simona Mancini

(Née Valenci)

Simona met Camillo Mancini when she started working at his restaurant and was immediately taken with her boss. Even though she was very aware of his relations with the local crime boss, she pursued him relentlessly, and eventually they ended up married.

She’s a chef and a shrewd business woman. Though both her and Camillo own the restaurant, she’s the one who handles the finances, while she lets her more artistically inclined husband take care of things such as menu and interior decorating.

She and Camillo never wanted children of their own, though they dote on their nephew and nieces and frequently babysit them for Carlo.


Gallo Terra

Gallo has always had violent tendencies. He ran away from home at an early age and joined the Giocondos. Even though he’s not exactly loyal to anyone but himself, he always had a grudging respect for Alessandro Giocondo.

For years, he was in an on-off relationship with Lisa Giocondo, Alessandro’s stepdaughter, who would later become the leader of the gang. Even though he always swore he only enjoyed her looks and wanted to gain influence through her, he always had a weakness for Lisa and was secretly distraught at her death. Not that it stopped him from treating her poorly before or after she faked her death.


Alessandro Giocondo

Alessandro rose through the ranks in his gang through violent means and believed the being violent and intimidating was also the way to stay on top.

He was instantly drawn to Lucia Adesso, and particularly to her beauty. Unbeknownst to him, she was a very manipulative woman who ended up running the gang through him for years

Once he started getting wise to her plans, she had him killed and his stepdaughter, Lisa, took over after him.


Alberto Zini

Alberto was married to Tatiana Zini and with her had a little girl, his pride and joy, Marta. Unfortunately, his wife died when his daughter was young and Alberto drifted for a while. He eventually found his place in the criminal underground as an informant and safe cracker.

At one point he had a relationship with Lucia Giocondo and was extremely fond of her. He eventually realised that she was bad news, though nobody heeded his warnings about her.

Feeling bad for her young daughter, Lisa, he befriended the girl and was a contact and confidante to her while she was leader of the Giocondos.


Elena Abbascia

Elena is a member of the Giocondos, though she started out living in the streets and got by doing muggings. She joined the gang because she met Gallo. Even though she sticks by the gang, she’s not particularly loyal and never had any respect for Alessandro or his successor.


Giacomo Modena

Giacomo joined Good Guys Inc. at a young age. He’s always considered them his true family, and he’s extremely loyal to their leader, Carlo. He has a tendency to be a little too brash for his own good and is easily influenced by rumours.

I hope you enjoyed that 🙂 I included pretty much every named character in the story, at least every one that I had already created for one reason or another. In some cases, all the info wasn’t mentioned in the story proper – it’s stuff I’ve come up with since that I plan to expand on when I edit gen 1.

I’ve also been tidying my site. Now, if you go read the chapters directly on my blog instead of through the reader, you’ll note that posts no longer have a sidebar. This is so that the pictures are bigger and thus easier to see. I hope that it works for you guys 🙂

I’ll see you guys for the next post.


loladiamond01 · June 13, 2018 at 2:13 pm

Oh wow, I loved reading about everyone, although I strongly doubt I’ll remember this all 😛 It was great and woah, everyone is so pretty…

    NotJustaBook · June 13, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    I definitely don’t expect anyone to remember any of it at all 😛 I just write it for funsies! And it was also just for funsies that everyone got a shiny, shiny make-over 😀
    Thanks for commenting and for your kind words, Jowita <3

Kymber · June 13, 2018 at 2:45 pm

This is amazing! I love the details in the characters you portray. What a great idea this was!

    NotJustaBook · June 13, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    Thank you, Kym 😀 coming up with all these details is what I love most 🙂

socallucyfan · June 13, 2018 at 5:59 pm

I am so impressed with how much detail you put into your characters, even the minor ones.
It certainly makes for a much more enjoyable read.

amyqueen · June 14, 2018 at 3:45 am

Wow, everyone is glowing! 😀 Camillo! I miss him. I was curious as to how Flora looked – since to my knowledge we haven’t seen her yet but read about her through the gen 2 characters’ OC tags – she’s cute! I love her vibrant red hair. Also, unless my computer is glitchy, I don’t see Marta on the family tree – I’m assuming she’d be connected to the Mancini’s, since she is one of them now after all, but I scrolled around and didn’t see her. Interesting to see Alessandro up close whilst he wasn’t being killed in flashbacks XD
Loved reading all the details you put into everything~ 🙂

    NotJustaBook · June 14, 2018 at 4:03 am

    Everyone had shiny, shiny makeovers 😀 <3
    It's true – it's the first look at Flora 🙂
    You can find Marta under Vittoria's family, actually, if you go a little back to see Lucia's relationships 😉
    Ha, ha, yes! It's not a pleasant face, but now he's a lot easier to see! 😛
    Thank you very much for reading and for your nice words! <3

      amyqueen · June 14, 2018 at 3:00 pm

      Ohhhh, I didn’t know you could press on a character to expand the tree further, lol. I see her now 😂 When I pressed on Alberto she showed up. Clearly I’m very knowledgeable on Family Echo, haha 🤓

        NotJustaBook · June 14, 2018 at 8:32 pm

        He, he, if you haven’t used it so much before, I’d say that makes sense. But yes, there Marta is! 😀 I was so pleased with myself for finding a way to fit her in, because honestly it wouldn’t feel right without her there!

sempreviva · June 14, 2018 at 7:41 am

Wow, that was amazing! I loved all the detail you put into it! <3
Those Mancini brothers are both swoon-worthy (although I think we all have a weakness for the older one – at least I know I do 😍)!
I loved seeing all the characters, as well as the family tree and age chart. I hadn't realized Flora had already a child (although there's a case it has been mentioned and I just don't remember it)! Will the father come into play later?
This was so enjoyable to rea, I loved it! <3

    NotJustaBook · June 14, 2018 at 8:00 am

    Thank you! <3 It's so sweet of you to say!
    I'm with you on having a weakness for Carlo! Though Camillo is certainly easy on the eyes, as well 😉
    She does indeed have a son! In the OC challenge for gen 2, Giuliano mentions her son, Gabriele, a few times. He considers the boy his own 🙂 And yes, his dad will come into play.
    Thank you again for your sweet words and for reading <3 🙂

Lila Remonn · June 14, 2018 at 8:39 am

So awesome learning about the characters! They all look great — some of them actually look quite different from what I remember, probably because of the portrait setup. Camillo reminds me of Dave Franco, by the way 😀

    NotJustaBook · June 14, 2018 at 8:33 pm

    It’s probably also because I prettified them – like gave them nose masks and face shine. Makes them look a lot prettier! 😀
    Huh, you’re right! There is a definitely resemblance there.
    Thank you for your nice comment! 😀

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