Content warning: A little NSFW ahead. No real nudity but a slightly suggestive image.

Monte Vista was grey and rainy around the time Gina got with Doriano. It was right on the border between summer and autumn, in a period of heavy rains and cold winds that swept the town. Thinking back, she knew it couldn’t be as grey as she remembered—it was more that her mindset had, in time, tinted her memories.

She remembered vividly the first time she slept with Doriano. She remembered feel of rain on her skin and drops in her hair as she greeted him on the patio. He had come over so they could ‘do homework’ together. Even before he arrived, she knew they wouldn’t get any work done. Gina wasn’t a doing-homework kind of person, and he was even less so, if that were possible.

They pretended that they were going to work for a bit, got out notebooks and pencils and pretended to make outlines. They sat around looking pensive with pencils pressed to their lips, until they burst out laughing and their concentration left.

Gina was still amazed at how different he had been since they had come back from the summer holidays. Perhaps it was just because she hated Carlotta and Carlotta had warned her away, but she felt drawn to him in a way she hadn’t before. He didn’t hit on her the way he had always done. He seemed interested in her and listened when she talked. It was like he was a different guy.

It was hard to remember why she had ever been wary of being around him, because it started to seem like they had so much in common. After their laughter died down, Gina told him that they must get back to work.

She picked up her pen and notebook and started scribbling blindly, until Doriano’s foot nudged her.

“This is boring.”

“It’s why you’re here,” she said. “To make this project together, remember?”

He groaned and dropped his head back. “Let’s not do that. Tell me about Cavalcante.”

Gina froze, the pen hovering over the page. It had been over a month, she could feel her feelings for him fading—transferring, as it were, to Doriano—but the pain was still there.

“Why?” she snapped. “I don’t want to talk about him.”

“Oh come on, Regina, we’ll make fun of him. It’ll be great. Let me start: He looks really dumb.”

Gina rolled her eyes.

“What an amazing insult. Do go on.”

“He’s a snob,” Doriano continued, heedless of her sarcasm. “And extremely boring. He’s not even very good-looking and… he hurt you, which is the worst of all. Your turn.”


Doriano raised an eyebrow. “No? Don’t tell me you’re still into him.”

“I’m not,” she said, “but I don’t want to talk about it. He’s an asshole, that’s all.”

Doriano moved a little closer and put a hand on her shoulder.

“I can tell you’re still sad, you know.”

“I’m not.” Gina pushed his hand away and glared. “Stop. Talking. About it.”


“Oh God, why can’t you just call me Gina?” she asked, jumping to her feet to stare him down. “Everyone else calls me Gina, so what’s wrong with you?”

He got up as well and with his impressive height it became harder to stare him down.

“I like Regina more. It’s a beautiful name.”

Gina blushed. “Stop.”

“A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” He said it without sarcasm. “I use the name because it’s beautiful and you should feel beautiful. It’s the same reason I talk about Cavalcante, you know.”

“Because he should feel beautiful?” Gina spat, though her anger was fizzling out.

Doriano laughed. “No, because I want you to feel like he’s an asshole, because he is. You deserve to feel good about yourself, you deserve to feel beautiful and wanted.”

In hindsight, she realised he moved like a predator. He had her fixed to the spot with a stare and he walked close slowly, deliberately, taking her into his arms with all the confidence of a prowling tiger.

He claimed her lips with fierceness and little finesse. At first Gina was so surprised she stayed still, but he whispered between kisses that she was beautiful and she gave into the sensation. The crushing pain that had lingered like a whisper loosened and she let herself feel loved.

There was never a moment after that when she hesitated. She gave herself to Doriano willingly, and he was a generous receiver. It wasn’t even bad sex, she realised later. She had no frame of reference at the time, but in looking back, it was enjoyable—particularly for a first time.

Maybe it was why her memories were so grey. When it happened, she didn’t hate it. Hell, she liked it, and so her mind did what it could to make the memories match her feelings.

He was a decent lover. Not terribly concerned with her pleasure, but just concerned enough that he left her blissfully happy for a few days. It took that long for her to feel used. To realise that one moment she was still aching after being dumped, and the next she was in his arms. It had gone too fast, she hadn’t been ready, it wasn’t how she wanted it to happen.

She tried to push it down and assure herself it wasn’t like that. And when she talked to him about it, he told her she was silly. They were good together, he assured her, and so she kept on seeing him despite the nagging doubts. She pushed those down, ignored them, and kept on going.

Gina continued in her happy daze for weeks. She liked Doriano. She liked the sex. She liked not thinking and not hurting. But as reality had a tendency to, it came crashing down on her hard.

The rainy days continued, the grey skies had become a permanent fixture over all her meetings with Doriano. On the day when she realised what was going on, it would have been any other day where she lounged in the gazebo with Doriano and Amanda and tried to convince herself that her relationship—or whatever you called it—was great.

Of course, Carlotta had other ideas.

There was no introduction, no preamble or warning this time. It seemed for all in the world like the blonde had just coincidentally passed by and seen her chance to try again. All she said was:

“Check his phone.”

Gina turned and glanced. “Whatever, Carlotta.”

“He’s your boyfriend, right? So borrow his phone and check his messages to his friends.”

“I don’t have time to deal with your jealousy,” Gina said.

“I’m not jealous, I want that asshole to go down and once you get your head out of your ass, I need you to help me.”

Gina let out an incredulous laugh. “Right, blondie, good luck with that.”

She started walking and heard Carlotta saying:

“Check his phone and if you hate him as much as me after that, come meet me in the town square tonight.”

“Dream on.”

As much as she hated to admit it, the familiar sense of unease stirred in her chest and it was harder than usual to ignore it. Doriano looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“What did Uptighty want?” he asked.

Gina raised her own eyebrow. “Uptighty?”

Doriano waved her over and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. He kissed her and explained:

“You ever meet anyone more uptight than that?”

“Guess not, but she was just being annoying as usual.”

He completely dismissed Carlotta and instead started talking about the usual. Amanda hung on his every word, when she wasn’t gushing about how cute he and Gina were. It could have easily been a normal day, but Carlotta’s words stuck.

“Can I borrow your phone?” Gina asked spur of the moment. “Mine is out of power.”


“I promised dad that I’d text him once I got here and if I don’t, he might shoot you. Please, just a second?”

Doriano rolled his eyes, but he handed it over along with a little tap on her nosetip. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

Gina smiled and sat down with the phone grasped firmly in her hand. It was a very new, very expensive phone and thankfully he had shown her how to use it—otherwise sne never would have managed to navigate to the messages. Before she made it to the right menu, however, she paused and thought: Am I seriously doing this? Because of Carlotta?

She was just jealous, Gina reasoned. It was like Amanda, who was all over Doriano even though she knew he wasn’t into her. That was all—jealousy. And still, Gina made her way into Doriano’s text messages and read.

Gina didn’t end up hating him as much as Carlotta.

She hated him much, much more.

How she managed to get away from Doriano and Amanda without making him know that she knew, she wasn’t sure. Somehow, she managed to hug him and kiss him goodbye without punching his face in and then she went home to pace her room until it was evening and she could meet with Carlotta in town. She wasn’t sure how it had come to this, but here she was, locking eyes with her most loathed classmate in the town square.

“How did you know?” Gina spat without greeting her.

Carlotta wasn’t taken aback. She crossed her arms and said: “I know things.”

“He’s disgusting, he and the others. Nobody else knows, or he wouldn’t still be getting with girls.”

She still felt sick to her stomach, thinking of the things she had read. Doriano bragged about his accomplishments with her and he shared all the intimate details that should have been kept between the two of them. The worst part, however, was the List they kept mentioning. She wasn’t sure what it was but something told her it wouldn’t make her happy.

Carlotta agreed. “No, he wouldn’t, and I want to expose the creep to everyone. I’ve been trying to warn off the others, but as you know that doesn’t exactly work.”

Gina grit her teeth. “I had no reason to listen to you.”

“I realised that. People don’t like me, so I need evidence and you’re my best shot at getting that.”

Gina paused. She still hated Carlotta but after what she had found in Doriano’s phone… she hated him more.

“Go on,” she said.

“You no doubt read about his… List in the texts, right?” Gina nodded and Carlotta continued: “It’s one of the lists from a ‘scrapbook’ he has at home. It has everything in it, everything these guys are doing with girls. The List is in there. Well, I want to get my hands on that book and spread it around. I know he keeps the damned thing in his home but I can’t get in without your expertise. As I see it, there are two options—breaking in or using you as a Trojan horse.”

Gina frowned. “Okay, back up, I’m not a fucking horse.”

“Right, you did skip our lesson on Greek myths…” Carlotta said with a sigh. “What I mean is, you pretend to be there to see him and then you let me in. You’ll probably need to incapacitate him while I search for the scrapbook. If you can incapacitate him.”

“Of course I can,” Gina said, angrily crossing her arms. “Watch me.”

“So, Trojan horse it is.” Carlotta smiled smugly.

“I haven’t agreed to any of this.”

“But you will. The alternative is you go to school tomorrow and kick his ass into the next century and in the process you will accomplish nothing. You’ll be suspended from school and his daddy will make sure nothing happens to him since the family donates so much to the school. This way you both get to beat him up and he doesn’t get to hurt anyone else. So, are you in?”

Gina felt a reluctant glimmer of respect for Carlotta. This was very far from her usual goody-two-shoes shit.

“Why do you care what Doriano does? Did he fuck you, too?”

“No, he didn’t, though not for lack of trying. I have my own beef with him. Are you in?”

Gina felt herself nod. “Okay, blondie, you’re on.”

Author’s note: Hi guys! Welcome back to Monte Vista and to another exciting episode of Doriano Is a Terrible Person. I hate him so much and it’s my own fault for creating him ahaha. There used to be a more severe NSFW warning with this chapter, because I had an actual nude shot for this. Just now as I was readying the chapter, however, I removed it. It didn’t do anything for the chapter and it honestly just made me uncomfortable – I had already blurred it a lot because I hated taking those pics. The one in here is really tame, but I left in a light warning, just in case. Another thing to say about that scene is I hope I’ve made it clear enough that it wasn’t a non-consensual thing. I’m not going there. Ever. But please do tell if it gives that vibe or something. I feel like this is more of him pushing on her emotions and Gina giving in because she’s a spontaneous person. Not necessarily weak-minded, but she’s very inclined to give into her passions. Anyway, like I said – if this gives you a bad feeling, speak up! I want to know if I’m hurting anyone, because that is not the intention. With all of that out of the way I hope you… eh, enjoyed is the wrong word, but I hoped you felt diverted for a bit while you read! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.



audreyfld · February 2, 2019 at 6:56 am

I am first! That’s a first! I loved this chapter and was not offended. It feels he took advantage of her but he didn’t force anything. She obviously enjoyed it until Carlotta opened her eyes. Such an ass. 😡

    NotJustaBook · February 2, 2019 at 7:01 am

    You got here before Jowita! 😀 Heck, you got here before I even managed to post to FB and update my chapter list, lol. 😀
    I’m glad it didn’t come across as anything bad. Ha, ha, the way you’ve worded it, it almost sounds like Carlotta is an ass for telling, but I do get what you’re saying. 😉 Doriano is a horrible, horrible person and I was almost nauseous writing that whole scene with him.
    Thanks for commenting, Audrey! <3

      audreyfld · February 2, 2019 at 8:09 am

      Oh… I didn’t mean for it to sound like she was being mean! She was being nice, trying to help her know what was really going on. I can see now how they became such good friends. ☺️

        NotJustaBook · February 2, 2019 at 8:22 am

        He, he, I know! No worries. 😀

Jowita · February 2, 2019 at 11:39 am

Oh, damn, I’m not the first. Uh, sorry, I had too many posts to catch up on in my Reader, because of one story doing a few specials for the generation ending!
I feel like you stress way too much over the NSFW shots. You’d never gather up the courage to do what I did with Hailey. Lol, of course I understand, but damn, now I really want to see the ‘unreleased’ shot!
Go, Lotta! She’s awesomeballs for exposing the asshole to Gina and I really want them to expose him on a much larger scale. Now, such a shame it never happened to Sam… But yeah I can quickly see them becoming a team after that mission is successfully completed! Revenge shall be sweet with that one.
I didn’t feel like the sex was unconsensual. I got the impression that Gina willingly agreed, as was even mentioned in the writing. So, no worries.
Now, I’m also curious what beef Lotta has with Doriano…

    NotJustaBook · February 2, 2019 at 12:10 pm

    He, he, don’t worry about it! I’ve got to say, Audrey was *very* early today, so I don’t think you could have gotten here before her! :O
    Ha, ha, oh I definitely won’t have the courage to do what you did for Hailey, though I swear I am slowly working up the courage to have a few sex scenes. I’ve got plenty of naked photos at this point, but the problem is I’m never quite happy with them. 😛 For this one, though, it’s not really that I was nervous about posting the image. I just didn’t like what the nude picture did for this particular chapter. It went against the tone of the other images from that scene (it was less grey) so… yeah, just didn’t make sense to have it here. There wasn’t much to see, either, it was really tame.
    Lotta is my hero in all of this. So smart and cool. Her and Gina are a true dream team, once they get over their differences. 😉
    I’m very glad, because yeah. With Gina being as vulnerable as she was, it’s shady and any good person would have never even tried to get her into bed in a situation like that… but that’s why Doriano is The Worst.™
    We’ll soon find out why Lotta is pissed at him. 😉
    Thanks for reading and commenting, Jowita! <3 :D

sempreviva · February 2, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Ooof, Doriano is such a slimey scumbag! I hope he is going down soon – might want to reread the chapters where he’s appearing as an adult again..! (he did appear during that party, right?)
Don’t worry about the sex stuff – it did look concensual. Just because Gina’s decision ultimately proved to be wrong, it doesn’t mean he actually forced her or anything – some men are just capable to play their cards well like that. So no worries there! 🙂 (But he’s a total jerk nonetheless! 😡)
Carlotta is such a badass and she had been the ultimate voice of reason compared to Gina’s explosive impulsiveness since teenage years. I love that girl! <3 And I can totally see those two never sharing apologies or any heartfelt words after the "Trojan horse" project 😁 – just continuing with their snarky comments towards each other while suddenly hanging out like besties, lmao!
I'm also curious about Carlotta's beef with Doriano, hmmm… But first of all, I want to see their plan for revenge taking place – this is going to be very fun! 😈
Awesome chapter! 😄 <3

    NotJustaBook · February 2, 2019 at 5:26 pm

    He is The Actual Worst.™ 😀 Indeed, it was him that popped up back at the party. It’s not so weird that Gina nearly punched him. 😛
    I’m glad you don’t think it looks non-consensual. It worried me because her being vulnerable makes it potentially iffy. Because yeah, a decent guy wouldn’t have taken her to bed under those circumstances. But, of course, Doriano is The Actual Worst.™
    Oh yes, I love Lotta. 😀 Gina needs people around her who keep her feet on the ground and act as a voice of reason, so in that regard, Lotta is the best friend she could have. 🙂
    There will be revenge and explanations soon, he, he. Can’t wait to share the next chapter. >:)

Kymber · February 2, 2019 at 4:23 pm

I HATE that weasel Doriano! Grrrrr! I hope Carlotta and Gina take. him. DOWN. but good! lol Did I mention I hate him? I just want us all to be clear on that. haha

I can’t wait to see how this “Trojan Horse” plan goes! 😀 😀 And I can’t wait to see how this brings Carlotta and Gina together as besties. And how did Lotta know all about this? Did he do this to her, too, and she kicked his ass at school like she’s warned Gina not to? haha This is so good. Can’t wait for more.

    NotJustaBook · February 2, 2019 at 6:18 pm

    Doriano is The Actual Worst.™ (I’ve written that many times today and I don’t regret it).
    I’m so excited to share the next chapter and the actual plan. And we’ll learn what Lotta’s problem with him is, too. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Kym! <3 Love hearing your thoughts. :)

socallucyfan · February 2, 2019 at 10:05 pm

This looks be the start of a beautiful friendship! 🙂 🙂
I can’t wait to see these girls take down that slim bag!!

    NotJustaBook · February 2, 2019 at 10:24 pm

    Indeed, it does! 😀 He, he, I think they’ll show him a thing or two. 😉 Thank you for the comment. <3

      socallucyfan · February 3, 2019 at 7:48 pm

      Knowing Gina, I have no doubt that they will! 🙂

greencatssims · February 5, 2019 at 7:46 pm

Urgh, what a sleeze! You’ve captured him so perfectly, he makes my skin crawl. Looking forward to learning about his history with Carlotta, and also to seeing how the girls’ friendship develops. Thanks for another great installment!

    NotJustaBook · February 5, 2019 at 7:59 pm

    Ha, ha, he is truly terrible! Carlotta’s business with Doriano is coming really soon – I’m excited for you guys to learn! Thanks so much for commenting. I’m really glad you enjoyed this. 😀

twinsimskeletons · February 6, 2019 at 5:43 pm

I am so HERE for these two brilliant, beautiful girls to completely RUIN this jerk! Girl power! Haha, but more seriously, I love that this is when they start as a duo. It’s so perfect for them both, and I can’t imagine any other reason why stubborn Gina would ever befriend Carlotta other than the enemy of the enemy is my friend. It’s such a great backstory for the two.
I didn’t get that vibe from him, and I think you showed quite well that Gina was consenting. I’m quite sensitive to picking up on that stuff and I didn’t get a whiff, so I think you’re good!
But hey, boys will be boys, right? Ugh, tie him to a chair and make him watch the Gilette ad until his eyes bleed xD

    NotJustaBook · February 6, 2019 at 6:51 pm

    Mwahahah. >:) Yes! He’s going dooown. I think you’re right – Gina wouldn’t be very inclined to change her mind unless something drastic happened. So glad you like it!
    I’m very glad to hear you say so. I generally feel like I’m pretty sensitive to that kind of thing as well, but I feel like the situation is iffy, due to her vulnerability… but at the same time, I also feel it makes perfect sense for her to impulsively give in. Glad it comes across as consensual.
    Boys will be forced to face the consequences of their actions… especially if they mess with Gina and Lotta. >:)

Lila Remonn · July 3, 2019 at 2:39 am

Oh, look! Another guy I want to kick! Hard! Doriano is such a gross little shit. All his sweet talking and smooth flattering at the beginning… cringeworthy. Clearly, he knows how to manipulate people expertly using his words and decent looks (although he called Enzo not good looking? Um excuse me?). And the List… god, every time I see a similar thing in high school movies/shows, it makes me feel sick. Horrible, disgusting boys. Ugh.
I cannot wait to see Lotta and Gina spectacularly shove Doriano down from his pedestal, and possibly the other boys who participated. Even though this is nowhere near an ideal situation for the two girls to become friends, I like that they are joining forces in an act of badassery!

    NotJustaBook · July 3, 2019 at 7:46 am

    Ha, ha, oh yes, Doriano is still The Actual Worst. 😀 That’s just sort of his MO. He’s pretty manipulative, yes, and unfortunately Gina was in a vulnerable state after being dumped, which is exactly what he had waited for. Ha, ha, he may have been trying a little too hard to discredit Enzo there – clearly, Doriano isn’t terrible-looking, but Enzo is way nicer in every way.
    You’re right it’s not ideal, but with Gina’s stubbornness it’s pretty much the only way it could have happened, ha, ha. 😀
    Thank you for readingggg. 😀 <3

amyqueen · September 19, 2019 at 5:16 am

Let’s go ladies 👏👏👏 I’m so ready for their joint takedown of Douchey Doriano. Seeing the girls’ – eventual – friendship stem from this common enemy is awesome. Props to Gina for managing to keep her cool upon seeing his messages. I bet it took all she had to not pummel him there and then, lol. I have to say I’m extremely curious as to what Carlotta’s beef with Doriano is. If it has been mentioned before, I’m afraid my recollection is hazy, but I’m hoping it shall surface when they stick it to him. 💪

    NotJustaBook · September 19, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    Doriano will probably regret what he’s done. 😉 You bet Gina had to stop herself from beating him up right then and there. This IS Gina we’re talking about haha. 😀
    And you didn’t miss anything – nobody’s mentioned why Lotta has a problem with Doriano, though it’ll certainly come up. 😉
    Thanks for reading. <3

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