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So, today is just a little post with some character development tags from Tumblr that I’ve been meaning to post since… well, since I posted them on Tumblr. I had an exam today and I’m still extremely tired, but I wanted to take the time to post something, because I miss it. The first you’ll see is fifty questions for Gina and after that there are some more in-depth questions about Enzo, because he’s my special rich boy.

Now then, let’s have a little read.

50 Questions

How old is your sim? 24.

When is your sim’s birthday? 3rd of April.

What is your sim’s zodiac sign? Aries.

What is your sim’s ethnicity? Italian.

Does your sim have any nicknames? She goes by Gina and her uncle calls her Cupcake. He’s the only one who can get away with it.

Do they have a job? If so what is it? She’s a gang leader who also works as an art thief.

Where does your sim live? In Monte Vista.

Who does your sim live with? She’s lived alone with her dad in Monte Vista since her brother moved out, but her dad has since moved to Collesena to live with her mother.

What environment did your sim grow up in? She grew up in a loving and caring environment, despite the close connection with the gang.

What are your sim’s favourite foods? Gina will eat nearly everything and she absolutely loves food. She has a special fondness for sweet stuff, especially cake (Hence the nickname Cupcake).

What is your sim’s favourite drink? White wine. Her and Carlo constantly argue over whether white or red is better, though they generally agree that wine is fantastic.

If they have one what is your sim’s favourite color? She likes teal but it was sort of a surprise to her when Lotta first pointed out that she nearly always wears teal – she honestly didn’t think much about it and never really thought much about a favourite colour.

Does your sim believe in any clichés? (love at first sight). Not really. She’s a romantic at heart and wants both the big white wedding and family, but she has no illusion that it comes from nothing.

What is your sim’s sexuality? Straight.

What is your sim’s gender identity? Cis female.

Is your sim type a or type b? If we’re talking A and B personalities, she’s more on the A side.

Is your sim introverted or extroverted? She’s more extroverted and is the type of person who invites someone over rather than being alone.

What is your sim’s favourite woohoo position? Gina is up for plenty of stuff and doesn’t have a particular favourite position.

Is your sim a pet person? If so what is their favourite animal? No, she is not. She likes animals but she can’t be bothered to have one herself. She would probably like the personality of cats better, but she thinks dogs make better pets, though again – she wouldn’t get a pet.

Does your sim have a best friend? Yes, Carlotta Allegri. They’ve known each other always but only been friends for eight years.

What is/was your sim’s favourite school subject? Lol. No.

Is/was your sim a high, mid or low achiever in school? Low achiever. Very, very low.

Are they planning to go or have they already been to college? If so, what would be or what was their major? Gina went to university for around a year, studying art history. The stuff she retained was useful enough but she loathed studying.

What are your sim’s political beliefs? (If they have them). She doesn’t really have any. She’s happy to use the gang’s influence to affect political decisions but she mostly does it for the good of the gang.

What is one thing your sim wants to do before they die? Make a name for herself in the underworld – and she’s well on the way to doing it.

Does your sim have a favourite TV show (cable) and/or movie? So, I don’t like to connect pop culture to my stories. You will rarely, if ever, see me referencing real life works that aren’t old (we’re talking 100+ years old). It’s my attempt at keeping the stories fairly timeless, though that’s obviously impossible. To this, therefore, I’ll simply answer that no, I don’t think she has any favourites – she will watch a movie or show with a friend, but she doesn’t care enough to pick a favourite.

Is your sim a Netflix viewer? If so what are their top 3 shows. Yet again, I’m not going to mention any actual works, but as with the movie question, I don’t think she’d have any top 3 shows. She simply doesn’t care enough about movies or tv.

Does your sim like books? If so what’s their favourite one? Oh hell no.

Does your sim enjoy video games, if so what is their favourite one and do they play on PC or console? I can imagine Gina playing with her nephew when he’s playing a console game, though she’s terrible at it and would probably rage quit quickly if it wasn’t because she wants to make him happy. She’s actually terrible at all technology.

What is your sim’s personal style? For work, she likes to dress in dark clothes and to send a certain image, which results in hear nearly always wearing her leather jacket and shiny black boots – at the same time, she will still wear revealing clothing as a sort of reminder that hey, she’ll completely kick your ass and you’ll probably be lowkey attracted to her while she’s doing it.

Does your sim have a lucky charm? She does not, but she is a little superstitious so she’ll be the first to tell you not to do certain things before an art heist.

Is your sim religious? No.

What kind of music does your sim listen to and who is their  favourite artist? Again, not going to mention any particular real-life artists (also not going to make any up for the story). Gina likes to listen to music that sounds good when played obnoxiously loudly and especially when she’s driving at high speeds in a stolen car. Though she also likes piano music.

Is your sim a festive person? If so what’s their favourite holiday? She’s festive when it comes to holidays that involves family, so Christmas would probably be her favourite.

What is your sim’s favourite type of weather? She likes it to be sunny and very warm.

Does your sim prefer to start fights or finish them? Oh, she does both. Gina is a tiny ball of anger and it doesn’t take much to provoke her, though she’s gotten better as she’s aged. In her teen years, she was happy to start fights at the slightest provocation and she wasn’t popular with teachers as a result.

Does your sim have a dream job? She’s working it!

Does your sim have any siblings? She has an older biological brother, Giuliano, and an older adopted sister, Marta.

Does your sim get along with their family? She does, though she gets along best with her dad (whom she adores) and her siblings. Her and her mother have a healthy respect for each other but they’re too similar to really get along.

What is your sim’s favourite hobby? She likes to take a long, fast drive in the countryside and preferably in a vehicle she doesn’t own.

What does your sim look for in a romantic partner? Mostly, she looks for a connection and especially for someone she can talk to for a long stretches of time without getting bored. Though she’s not aware of it, she also looks for someone who grounds her.

What is a secret about your sim? She still has a little stuffed rabbit that she was fond of as a kid. It’s pink and because she loved it so much, it’s absolutely terrifying now. The only person who knows about it is Enzo.

What is a wish your sim has? She doesn’t verbalise it but she really wants a stable, long-lasting relationship and a loving family like the one she grew up in.

What is a flaw your sim has? Her terrible, terrible temper is her biggest flaw – with it comes a tendency to act rashly and to find it hard to forgive.

How do others generally perceive your sim? She’s generally perceived as sweet and fun-loving (outside of the gang, at least), though also as someone to watch out for, due to her temper.

Does your sim have a greatest achievement? Her greatest achievement is yet to come – it would be spoilery to write it here. 😉

If they have one, what is your sim’s greatest regret? She regrets getting together with Doriano Montanari as a teenager and even more she regrets not knowing that her now future sister-in-law, Flora, was seeing him as well. She wishes she could have warned her and prevented the pain Flora went through at his hands.

Does your sim have a favourite emoji? Gina is completely baffled at technology and can only do the most basic things with her phone so no, she doesn’t have a favourite emoji.

Does your sim use simstagram? If so what’s their @? Another nope. (This is also my own aversion against referencing social media in my stories – re: My attempts at making the story more timeless).

What is the last text your sim sent (and who did they text)? She only texts Carlotta and all her messages are to the effect of: “get your ass over here i have wine.” (All in lower caps, of course).

In-Depth Character Meme

These questions are a little different and man, they were difficult to answer, but in the end I think it gave me a bit of a better feel for Enzo as a character. I highly recommend others try to consider these things, because it’s pretty great. Anywayyyy, here they are:

1. What does your character yearn for (this often is the intersection between character and plot)?
Enzo wants to keep his family together and particularly he wants to keep his sister happy and out of harm’s way.

2. What is a contradiction your character has within their personality or beliefs?
He doesn’t enjoy his social class and doesn’t think that the things his acquaintances care about are anywhere near as important as they make it out to be – at the same time, he will do absolutely anything to keep his position in society.

3. What is your character’s Mask and Counter-Mask? (The face that your character shows to the world, summed up in one or two words, vs their often opposite or inverse mask shown during vulnerability. Note, both these masks are true faces of your character).
Enzo’s mask is that he’s disinterested – his counter-mask is his anxiety.

4. What is a passion your character has, unrelated to the plot?
He has a boyish love for cool cars and spy novels.

5. Artful Incongruity is described as a trait which brings a character out of their type or trope, which is usually semi-contradictory. What’s your character’s?
He’s seemingly a haughty, aloof rich guy, who uses his money to get what he wants (e.g.: he offers Gina so much money, she can’t say no to work for him). But he’s also extremely anxious.

6. Give me some specific examples or details about your character. This can be in appearance, personality, the clothes they wear, the way they keep their house, etc.
The only room he’s been allowed to influence himself is his office and that’s where most of his personality shines through in the choice of colours, furniture, and paintings. He tends to get huggy when he’s emotional. He gets up earlier than necessary (5 a.m.) in the mornings to enjoy not having to do anything.

7. What is a way in which your character’s self perception is flawed (e.g. a gap in their self awareness, something they believe about themselves but is not true).
He believes that he’s a bad son and brother because he doesn’t enjoy his social class.

8. What’s an example of how your character’s internal world works? This is the lens by which they view and interpret the world.
Enzo sees negative emotions and believes that they’re his fault. Moreover, he sees it as his duty to ‘fix’ bad things and negative emotions when they pop up around him.

9. What is your character’s major flaw – the one thing that gets them hurt throughout the story, the result of which may be that they change this flaw?
He can’t stand up to his dad.

10. Finally, what is in your character’s ‘dark room’*. This is the room of their house (or part of their character) they never show to anyone, the one that is never stated within text, but is alluded to.
This may have been stated out loud in the text, but he’s fascinated with criminal activity because it’s the furthest he can get from the life he lives now.

Well then, that was all of the questions. I hope you guys enjoyed this little look into the characters. I know I’ve done a lot of character tags for these two, so I hope you’re not too tired of them, lol. 😛 Well then, I’m going to go and enjoy my summer holiday now that the exam’s over with (I got a good result, too!). The next chapter is ready for Saturday, so keep your peepers out for that. Other than that, thank you so much for reading if you made it this far and I’ll see you in the next post.



Jowita · June 19, 2019 at 9:06 pm

I’m glad the exam went well! Now you’re finally free.
Now, I’ve already read these tags on Tumblr, but it was fun rereading them. I love how developed your characters are. And, I absolutely agree these in-depth questions are difficult, but definitely worth thinking them over.
Please, take your time to recharge. ♥

    NotJustaBook · June 20, 2019 at 5:02 am

    Yeah, I’m so glad that it’s over. 🙂 It’s so lovely being able to do whatever I want.
    Thank you so much, Jowita. <3 I really think Carys' questions have a lot of potential. 🙂
    I will - thank you for reading, dear. <3

audreyfld · June 19, 2019 at 9:29 pm

Wow…. the Enzo one was tough. I think these are good for us as writers to do,just so,we get to know our own characters better. So much worth doing.

    NotJustaBook · June 20, 2019 at 5:00 am

    Those ones were really hard to do, for sure, but they also say a lot about the character in question and it’s definitely worth considering. 🙂
    Thank you for reading, Audrey. <3

Kymber · June 20, 2019 at 10:49 am

I loved reading more about the characters. It reminds me that every character should have a backstory and in-depth traits, etc.

I hope everything went well with your exam, and that you’re resting up now. 🙂

    NotJustaBook · June 20, 2019 at 9:57 pm

    Thank you, Kym! 🙂 And you’re right. Things like backstory, in-depth traits, and motivation are so important to make a character come alive. 🙂

    It went really well, actually, so I can rest easy and have a good summer holiday. Thank you for reading! 🙂

sempreviva · June 20, 2019 at 11:12 am

This was so fascinating to read! I really loved the last (Enzo’s) questions; they are difficult, but like I also said in Jowita’s post, they make one think hard on the characters and help make them more real. Enzo’s constant guilt for example: it reminds me so much of Franz Kafka’s in his letter to his father (which he never gave to him and got published after Kafka’s death). Of course the circumstances are different, but I think what led Enzo believe he broke up his family and feel such burden so easily, was an already established sense of constant guilt that had started developing since his childhood. And it manifests in every aspect of Enzo’s life, clearly even before his mother split. I’m not sure if I’m making any sense, but since I love such discussions I’m rambling and my thoughts come out all confused, lol! I could do it all day if you let me, haha!
Anyway, I loved this post! <3 <3 And sorry for my ramblings; I can't stop sometimes, lmao!
Oh, and good luck on your results – I'm sure everything will go great! 😀 <3

    NotJustaBook · June 20, 2019 at 9:56 pm

    Thank you, Sempreviva! 😀
    I could ramble forever about character development stuff – it’s just my favourite thing. So never worry that you’re rambling.
    But I completely agree with you. Guilt that deep-seated doesn’t just appear over night due to one event. I think the kind of strict environment he was raised in was the catalyst and that he’s always felt guilty for not living up to the standards he’s supposed to – like I also mentioned in one of the answers, he doesn’t really enjoy the things he’s meant to do and he feels guilty for that as well because he feels like he’s supposed to enjoy wearing suits, going to functions, etc.
    Like I said – I could probably ramble along with you alllll day long. 😀 You can always come to me to chat about character development stuff, he, he. 😀
    Thank you. The results were pretty good so I can start my holiday off on a good note.
    And thanks for reading and for the ‘little’ chat. 😀

      sempreviva · June 21, 2019 at 10:39 am

      Well at least at this point Enzo feels also guilty for one right reason (breaking Gina’s heart), so I hope this will guide him to ultimately resolve his other issues as well!
      I’m really glad my rambling weren’t tiring to you, haha! I love discussing characters, plus I was feeling particularly chatty yesterday, lol! And you know what, I might take you up on that offer 😉 <3

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