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Hi guyssss!

So, I’m not quite ready to post any story yet, buuuut I have a little accessory item for you guys. Yesterday, I watched this video by The Brain Scoop and I just couldn’t take my eyes off Emily Graslie’s absolutely dazzling lobster earrings. I knew then it was my destiny to put them into ts3 and share them with the world. Basically, in record time (for me) I managed to create a decent version of the earrings and that’s what I’m bringing you guys today!

Holy Shit, Lobsters For Your Ears

Yeah, so basically, what you see is what you get. These are a pair of absolutely fabulous lobster earrings, perfect for the sim who wants to show off their quirky side. This is a brand new mesh, created by yours truly. A little information about these marvels:

  • Gender: Female
  • Ages: Teen to elder
  • Type: Accessory, found under earrings (obviously)
  • Categories: Everyday, formal, and outerwear – disabled for random
  • 3 recolourable channels
  • Polycount
    • High level of detail: ~20k
    • Medium level of detail: ~10k
    • Low level of detail: ~5k
      • The poly count is EXTREMELY HIGH. Do not use these unless your computer is up to the task and be careful about combining them with very high-poly clothes/hair. I’m super duper serious about this.
  • Custom CAS thumbnail


Known Issues

As per usual, there are a few CAS shadows, so it’ll look like this:

As you can see from the previews above, however, that’s not really an issue in-game.

You may note that the lobster itself is slightly lighter than the stud that’s attached to the ear. That’s on purpose and it’s because the lobster itself is supposed to be slightly shiny and uh, if you look really close, it is a bit like that.


Besides the video mentioned above, I found out that these earrings were originally from Sugarfix by Baublebar. They don’t seem to be available on their website anymore.

Software: Blender, GIMP, TSR Workshop, Milkshape, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer.

Terms of Use

You may:

  • Edit the mesh to suit your own needs
  • Retexture and recolour to your heart’s content
  • Convert to other games
  • Share those edits/conversions

Please avoid:

  • Sharing unedited versions (it’s a waste of time man, it’s not that great)
  • Putting any versions behind paywalls/adfly

Besides this, I like credit – it’s nice, so feel free to give me some of that.

I also ask that you let others freely edit your edited versions. I share things that I make because I want to contribute to the community that I’ve been a part of for a long time now. This community wouldn’t be anything without the things we create and share and I’m 100% for taking that creativity further by building on my work.

That said, I know this’ll show up on Russian creepo sites attached to a Trojan no matter what, so do your thing, I guess.


This time, I’ve opted not to go for a bunch of different links. I’ll link folders on SFS and Box respectively, and there you can get your preferred version (.package or .sims3pack). I’m so sorry – the lazies won out over my thoroughness.

Download (SFS)

Download (Box)

Thank You!

For taking a look at these funky lobster earrings. I hope they’ll enrich yours and your sims’ lives as much as they have mine. If you have any issues downloading or getting them to work in game, hit me up and I’ll see if I can’t help. They were tested in my game, but you never know how they’ll act on a different machine.

If you’re also someone who reads all the nonsense I write (the story nonsense, that is), you may want to know that I’m almost ready to get back in the swing of things! I’m going to start posting Heartwood, which is what Lia’s story is called, on the 1st of March 2020. There’s even a page and a little plot summary for it over yonder.

Anyway, that was it for now. Have a lovely, lobstery day.




  • sempreviva

    Aaah, these are adorable!! I love them! Seriously, most fabulous earrings ever!! 💎 💕 Thank you so much for sharing them..! And I think I already know which of my sims will wear those 😉
    And aaaargh, your story will be out in less than a month?! Oh man… I can’t wait! 🎉
    (I LOVE the story’s title tbh, I think the it gives the right vibe immediately 😍 <3 )

    • NotJustaBook

      Yeeeeeeees, aren’t they just fantastic?! The moment I saw them, I became obsessed! Thank YOU for commenting. Can’t wait to see these lobsters make an appearance then. 👀👏👏
      Oh yes, it’s finally time. 😊 I’m so freaking excited to finally be sharing chapters again – I legit miss it. So glad you love the title. It was actually boyfriend who came up with it so I shall pass on the praise. ❤❤❤

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