Hi guys, just me checking in with a little bonus post. I’ve been toying with writing character profiles for Champion of Moonlight for quite a while, because I just enjoy these characters so darn much. I hope this is a neat little read and that you’ll return this Saturday for the next proper post. Until then – have a grand old time 🙂


Genevieve Thorne

26 years old
Head archivist at the Grand Council Archives of Mysticism

Genevieve is from a little-known magical family. Her mother, Philomena Rathmore, is a scholar who specialises in duelling theory, hence Genevieve’s love of duels. Nicholas Thorne is out of the picture, and his side of the family is comprised mostly of people who don’t practise magic.

Since a very young age, Genevieve has wanted to participate in the tournament and she applied as soon as she was able. She was rejected as a participant at age 18, but returned the following year where she was allowed to participated and won for the first time. All in all, she’s won the tournament six times.

Nadir Hazan

24 years old
Heir to the Hazan estate

Nadir is the youngest living member of the Hazan family, and heir to the estate that was previously owned by his grandfather Murad Hazan. Nadir was raised by his grandfather after his family, mother, father, and an older sister, died when he was a child.

The Hazan family are known for their contributions to alchemy, and especially for their work with complex alchemical displays. As opposed to most of his family, Nadir doesn’t go out among people, preferring instead to do private research. He’s also one of a few of the Hazan family who has an interest in art that isn’t magical – specifically, he’s a talented sculptor.

Celeste Aura

32 years old
Head Fairy Hunter for the Witch Council

Celeste is descended from a long line of powerful witches, going way back to the founder of the Witch Council. She graduated from the Medea Academy of Magical Arts, an academy that her family has strong ties to. This is also where she met her wife, Atalante, whom she’s been married to for twelve years. She’s participated in the Moonlight Tournament nine times and won twice.

She became head fairy hunter at the unusually young age of twenty-seven. Initially, accusations of nepotism were sounded, because of her family’s prominent position in the council, but it all died out when she turned out to be highly competent at her job.

Cloris Autumn

21 years old
Graduate of Académie de St. Fréver

Cloris graduated from St. Fréver’s as the top her class. She’s a prodigy of alchemy, and she’s knowledgeable about ancient spells. She was headhunted while still at school for a position in the Council as a translator and historian. Her plan is to start working after participating in the tournament for the first time.

Amin Karimi

34 years old
Diviner for Adacorp

Amin is from a family of non-magic users, but knew from a young age that he wanted to be a witch, and specifically a duellist. He works as a diviner for a large corporation in Egypt, and in his spare time he has participated in and won a fair few local duelling championships.

Isadora Sharpe

25 years old
Commentator of the Moonlight Tournament

Isadora has been a commentator on the Moonlight Tournament since she was just nineteen. She’s a competent broom rider and a duelling enthusiast, and before becoming a commentator, she wrote articles on big, magical sporting events. It was at one of these that she met Gabriel, who got her the job on the Tournament. Later on, she was the one to bring her boyfriend Orion onboard. The two of them live at the manor fulltime along with Gabriel.

Orion Youngblood

29 years old (at time of death)
Commentator of the Moonlight Tournament

Orion is a commentator of the tournament who just happens to be a ghost. He died at the age of 29 from an illness, but as he became a ghost he chose to stay on as a commentator. His condition has changed the tournament a fair bit – spectators are no longer welcome, due to the amount of people who would show up just for the ghost.

Gabriel Morgan

34 years old
Organiser of the Moonlight Tournament

Gabriel is another graduate of Académie de St. Fréver. He studied duelling theory and has contributed significantly to the field. He’s the organiser of the Moonlight Tournament and the one who comes up with challenges and casts the necessary spells. Before taking the reigns of the tournament, he organised a couple of local duelling championships in his hometown.


EDITED 17th of May 2018: Added new, better pictures.



RosemaryMarie · December 14, 2017 at 9:35 pm

I love the character profiles! And the Christmas theme is awesome, too! <3

loladiamond01 · December 16, 2017 at 6:26 pm

So much detail you put into describing everyone. I love it!
And seems that I caught up in a day…Is it too obvious that I got pretty much drawn into both of your stories? Now it’s time to give a follow and add you to my blogroll list <3

    notjustabook · December 16, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    Thank you! It was so easy coming up with background for all of these people – they’re so alive in my head 🙂
    Thank you for the read and the follow <3

      loladiamond01 · December 16, 2017 at 6:49 pm

      I sure know how it feels! I have a legacy myself and the proccess of getting to know your heir through writing them (first person in my case) is always interesting.

amyqueen · March 27, 2018 at 8:39 pm

Alright, so I already liked this post when you made it, butttt now that I’m reading the story I can appreciate it more 🙂
I love how you’ve designated a color for each character and it’s nice to see some info about them that hasn’t been mentioned in the story yet. I didn’t think Nadir was younger than Gen… that’s interesting. And I also went back to amend one of my prior comments about Orion since I thought his death was related to a freak accident during the tournament or something, guess not XD

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