Good Guys | What Could Have Been (I’m Sorry)

So, let’s talk about Monte Vista Stories. Or, more specifically A Monte Vista Story, as it used to be called. Later on I added the subtitle of ‘Good Guys’, since it seemed thematically appropriate and I wanted each generation to have a separate title. I wrote that story the way I used to write – I plunged head-first into the game, snapped some pics, wrote a few lines, and posted it to my WordPress blog. I had no idea what the story was going to turn into at the time. It bears the marks of that, um… process. Let’s go with that for a lack of a better word. Storylines came and went, were dropped unceremoniously, and then suddenly remembered near the end. I tried my best to tie it together, but it is a mess at the best of times. There’s a good core in there somewhere. I love the good and I think the bad is… quirky. It’s a product of the same kind of over-eagerness that you see on a lot of fanfic sites around the web.

In fact, I love it so much that a while back I decided it deserved to be redone to be better. I love this version even better. Vittoria is snarky and fun, Carlo is sexy and intense. Camillo has an actual personality and role. Man, it is so good… And I just don’t have time for it. That’s the gist of this post. (more…)