Extras | 50 Questions + In-Depth Character Meme

Hi guys!

So, today is just a little post with some character development tags from Tumblr that I’ve been meaning to post since… well, since I posted them on Tumblr. I had an exam today and I’m still extremely tired, but I wanted to take the time to post something, because I miss it. The first you’ll see is fifty questions for Gina and after that there are some more in-depth questions about Enzo, because he’s my special rich boy.

Now then, let’s have a little read.


OC Challenge | Regina and Enzo

Hi guys! It’s that time again! I’ve wanted to do more of the OC challenge for Artful, but so far I haven’t pulled myself together. Well, today is the day, because I’ve wanted to do stuff for the blog and not just Tumblr. If you’re sitting there wondering because I already did the OC Challenge for Gina once, well, yes. I did. But I did it before I even got a feel for her character and some of her answers changed a bit since then. And of course I never did one at all for my cute rich boy, so of course I had to do one for him as well. These questions are answered around the same time as the most recent chapter, so it contains spoilers if you’re not up to date.

So! Without further ado, let’s do it!