Champion of Moonlight | Epilogue: A New Purpose


As Celeste had decreed, everyone stayed at the manor over the weekend. Nadir and Amin were the first to be interrogated, and after that me. But everyone was pulled into the dining room and spent a few hours being grilled. Celeste led the interrogations with Hemlock.

They mostly asked me about the fire, but also about the ghost spell. I told them what I knew, which was that there was no way Orion had killed himself with a spell like that. Not that they needed me to say that. Anyone with a passing knowledge of magical theory knew that. I didn’t even really believe it was a ghost spell at all. Theoretically, it was possible, but in reality, the amount of magical energy you would need to pull it off was way beyond even the most magically charged witches. The whole thing was dubious. (more…)