Heartwood | Reflections

Hi guys!

Isn’t it just a fact that while us writers like to write, we sort of… like talking about writing even more? And especially our own writing. At least it’s true for me, which is why even as I start a new story, I’m rubbing lil hands thinking of the time when I can do reflections because it’s my excuse to blab about my own writing for a bit. So, that’s what this post is. I like to reflect on a story after I’m done – how the story evolved over time, what I liked, and what I’m not as happy with. I like to do this for me, because it’s my chance to think back and reflect, and I like to think maybe others will enjoy seeing how a writing process can look. I know a lot more writers who plan at least something in advance, whereas I like to start writing and figure things out along the way and editing a lot. It’s a mess, but it’s my mess, so let’s take a look at the messy process that resulted in Heartwood.


Good Guys | What Could Have Been (I’m Sorry)

So, let’s talk about Monte Vista Stories. Or, more specifically A Monte Vista Story, as it used to be called. Later on I added the subtitle of ‘Good Guys’, since it seemed thematically appropriate and I wanted each generation to have a separate title. I wrote that story the way I used to write – I plunged head-first into the game, snapped some pics, wrote a few lines, and posted it to my WordPress blog. I had no idea what the story was going to turn into at the time. It bears the marks of that, um… process. Let’s go with that for a lack of a better word. Storylines came and went, were dropped unceremoniously, and then suddenly remembered near the end. I tried my best to tie it together, but it is a mess at the best of times. There’s a good core in there somewhere. I love the good and I think the bad is… quirky. It’s a product of the same kind of over-eagerness that you see on a lot of fanfic sites around the web.

In fact, I love it so much that a while back I decided it deserved to be redone to be better. I love this version even better. Vittoria is snarky and fun, Carlo is sexy and intense. Camillo has an actual personality and role. Man, it is so good… And I just don’t have time for it. That’s the gist of this post. (more…)