Hey guys,

I’m actually back with something that’s not just a wall of text describing my current state!

First though, thanks so much for all your lovely comments on the previous posts. I appreciate all the love and support immensely. I went through and dropped a like on each, but I haven’t commented back, which I hope is okay. It’s a little too exhausting to talk about at the moment. I’m still not well. I’m on partial sick-leave at work and doing all kinds of things to address the problem. My energy is still sparse, but I’m generally doing okay.

In fact, today is one of the better days. I had a burst of energy and did a little Sims thing. I’ve been kind of obsessed with watching Sims 4 build challenges for a while and today I took a stab at one that I’ve always thought looked like a lot of fun: Building a house where each room is decorated with items from a different pack. I have a good number of packs by now (oops), so I figured it was time to try.

First, the rules (I made a few alterations for my sanity):

  • Each pack is a randomly generated using this generator. (I removed the kits – I only have one and a kit would not a room make!)
  • Only items from that pack can be used for each room except, of course, walls + roof.
    • With roof, I decided I would leave it as the standard, unless the pack had a roof pattern.
  • If a pack doesn’t have necessary functional items, I used the cheapest basegame version of that object.
    • I defined functional as things needed if you were to play in the house, e.g. you don’t want a house with no fridge, toilet, shower, doors, etc.
    • Also I did it for wallpaper and floors as a room just doesn’t feel complete without it.

In case you’re curious, my packs are: Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Seasons, Discover University, Snowy Escape, Cottage Living, Discover University, Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out, Parenthood, Jungle Adventure, Dream Home Decorator, My Wedding Stories, Moschino Stuff, Tiny Living Stuff, and Nifty Knitting Stuff.

And with that, I have some photos of the result. 🙂

Exterior: Jungle Adventure (I Am Optimistic)

I think this was a pretty good start and fairly lucky to start with! Jungle Adventure has a good selection of plants and some okay window and door options. It even had a roof pattern to use and a nice trim. There aren’t a lot of outdoor objects, but at least there’s a picnic table and a barbeque. It doesn’t have a ton of flowers, but it still looks okay, I think. I’d have liked a terrain paint, but the floors actually work.

Entryway: Nifty Knitting Stuff (This Is Actually Fun)

For Nifty Knitting Stuff I had to dip into the debug items, otherwise this room would have been really bare, as most of the objects are only available as knitted objects. Thankfully, I really like all the colours in this pack. I had to use a basegame flooring and basegame walls, but the colours of the cheap plain walls work well. My Scandinavian ass prefers plain walls anyway. It was honestly the only room that wouldn’t be a totalt pain to do with this pack. I chose to not place a door right away and instead hope for a better pack in the next room, door-wise…

Living Room: High School Years (That Certainly Is… A Floor)

At first, I was super excited to be using High School Years for the living room because heck yeah! High School Years has some of my favourite stuff of any of the packs, so that ought to be fun, right? Well, my heart immediately sank when I realised that the wallpaper and flooring options were atrocious. The only floor was this shitty tile floor which would have been fine in a bathroom, but the living room? Not exactly my idea of a cosy living room! At least it had a nice white Swatch, same for the white brick walls. I could have used one of the patterned wallpapers in the whole room, but lest we forget: Scandinavian. My default state is to keep every single wall white and then sometimes get a little spicy and add an accent colour or a mural. I think the patterned wallpaper I used here is better as an accent wall/mural type thing. Another thing I hate about this pack is the lack of good wall decorations. At least the pack had a nice neutral door to the entryway and an arch to the kitchen.

The swatches for High School Years are some of my favourites, too. And seriously, I don’t know who was like “This pack just needs the most bitching curtains” but I’m grateful for them.

And hey, at least it’s not the next room… deep sigh.

Bedroom: Moschino Stuff (The Suffering Begins)

So fun fact: Moschino stuff doesn’t have a single bed. That’s the least of my problems here. The bed is actually fine. I would discover while building that only having the cheapest basegame option is not the worst. You’ll see what I mean later. What really gets me is the fucking wallpaper. Moschino Stuff does have a wallpaper. One. Single. Wallpaper. It’s the most garish, patterned nightmare. It doesn’t look good the way it automatically fits in the corners and the swatches are… a lot. Would I have used this as a single wall in an otherwise white room? Yes. Do I like this? No. In hindsight, maybe I should have used the white swatch and limited the damage, but I thought I’d kind of go all out on the Moschino-iness, rather than end up with a black, grey, and white room. So this is the result. It’s atrocious. The wall decor is awful. I’m lucky that there was a single double door. Also thankfully, I could use my next pack to select a door for the bathroom…

Bathroom: Dream Home Decorator (All Is Right Again)

I think this is my favourite of the rooms. At first I was appalled when I saw that there was only this patterned wallpaper for this pack, but it had a nice neutral swatch that actually works. I had to use a basegame floor and toilet, but otherwise the room is all Dream Home Decorator. That pack seriously rocks my world. I love these colours and the pack had both nice wall décor and a cute rug. It would have been nice to have some towels and a toilet roll, but I can’t complain. Especially not considering what was next…

Kitchen: Get to Work (My Life Is Pain)

Once I made it to this room, one thing became very, very clear: Having to use the cheapest base game item isn’t so bad. The worst thing that could possible happen is the pack having one item that you need. And only one. An ugly one. Behold, the most fugly kitchen I have seen in my life. That is the only counter in Get to Work: It’s terrible. That is the only Sink: It makes no sense. The only fridge: It contains blood samples and medicine, as if this kitchen belonged to some deranged freak who butchers strangers in his weird, fucked up basement. The only not-disastrous item is the stove, which is the cheapest basegame one. The only decorative items are either ugly or weird. The tray is the closest thing I could get to kitchen clutter – they’re lab canisters. Nothing, absolutely nothing, looks good. From the hospital/lab walls (LITERALLY THE ONLY WALLPAPER IN THE FIRST EXPANSION WTF SIMS TEAM) to the ugly-ass floors. This was the least ugly one. Trust me on this. I regret the arch now. If this were my kitchen, I would never show it off. I would keep it hermetically sealed and only go in when absolutely necessary. I would let guests starve to death before I let them see it.

Good fucking fuck, what a terrible room.

Dining Room: Snowy Escape (Finally Peace)

At least the final room in the house turned out to be a good one. Snowy Escape has such nice items and I rarely get to use them, so it was really fun to put a little Japanese-inspired room together. I especially liked getting to use the tea cupboard because I think it’s such a good item. Same for the pretty fireplace. I would wish the floor could have been a nice, neutral wooden floor but well – Scandinavian. This is obviously more right for the Japanese theme.

And hey, anything that’s not that nightmare of a kitchen.

So, I hope you liked that. I know it’s not what anyone came to my blog for. It’s neither CC nor story, but it’s pretty much what I can do right now and since I had a good day, I wanted to share my nonsense. I hope everyone’s having a good time. I’ll see you guys again whenever I find the energy to do another post. 🙂

Lots of love,


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socallucyfan · February 10, 2023 at 5:42 am

Loved the rooms. But, more importantly, I am glad that you are having better days. Please continue to take care of yourself. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. <3 <3 <3

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