This is the blog that belongs to me. My name is Louise, though you may know me as NotJustaBook or Gnasling, depending on where you found the site. I’m a 28-year-old very nerdy Dane. I live with my boyfriend in a pleasant little town, and I’m studying to become a computer nerd (what they refer to as a programmer). When I’m not dealing with things like education, I like to drink tea, write and read stories, play video games, knit pretty things, and cook nice food with lots of herbs and spices.

The blog is where I post my stories that are in the genre we call SimLit. SimLit are stories that are about or use images from the games in the Sims franchise. The genre is further divided into stories that are based on gameplay and stories that are completely staged (well, there’s some that are in-between, but this distinction is easier). My stories fall into the latter category.

I tend to write romances, because I’m a big sappy sap, but you’ll also find that my writings have elements of fantasy and crime drama, as well as just general drama thrown in for good measure. I love character development and writing dialogue above all. If all of this stuff sounds like something you’d like, maybe go have a look at my stuff!

Or perhaps you’re only here because you know that I occasionally share custom poses for the Sims 3. Or maybe you just stumbled on this and are very confused. Sorry about that.

Whatever the reason you’re here, I hope you stick around and enjoy your stay. Feel free to drop me a comment and have a chat about writing, because I’m always up for that.

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