Here you can find recaps of all the chapters of Champion of Moonlight so far. Needless to say, they contain spoilers. They’re mostly meant for remembering what happened in earlier chapters, as I post them two weeks apart and it’s easy to forget what’s going on. Without further ado, here we go!



One Month Ago: Prologue
Genevieve Thorne has a quiet day at work in the Archives when she’s interrupted by a patron. It’s a witch dressed in red, who tries to give her advice on the upcoming Moonlight Tournament, but Genevieve isn’t very receptive. Especially not the since the witch is there for a book on the myth of the Ink Volumes.

Saturday: Tall, Dark, and Brooding
It’s the first day of the Tournament, a day for introductions and getting ready for the first discipline. Genevieve reunites with Celeste Aura and meets the new participants: Cloris Autumn, Amin Karimi, and Nadir Hazan. Genevieve is surprised to hear that he’s the Council’s favourite to win this year, but she isn’t discouraged. After introductions, she takes a practice round and learns that Hazan is quite competent.012

Sunday: A Day at the Races
The first round of the tournament is a broom race. Genevieve wins, despite Hazan being a very close second place. When everyone returns to the manor afterwards, there’s been a break-in, and it’s a seemingly impossible mystery: no doors or windows are broken, and the magical alarms remain untriggered.

Monday: The Ice Woman
The second round, the transformation round, begins. The transformations are impressive, but nothing beats Nadir Hazan’s speaking ice sculpture. He wins in a landslide vote, leaving Genevieve shattered. She coldly rejects his offer of advice. Instead she talks to Celeste in hopes of discovering that he’s cheating, but he isn’t. Celeste nonetheless warns Genevieve – she doesn’t think Nadir can be trusted.006

Tuesday: A Stellar Display
In the alchemy round, Nadir once again steals the show with his alchemy display – he’s made a model of the solar system, and Genevieve is flabbergasted. She can’t figure out how he did it, but she also refuses to ask. That is, until she meets him in the library in the evening. He shows her the book he used, one he received from a friend, and the two of them have a nice talk.

Wednesday: This Rhythm
It’s time for the duelling round, and Genevieve is particularly excited to go up against Nadir Hazan. They end up with a draw, and then sudden death which Genevieve wins. This means they’re evenand that the Tournament will be decided by the fifth discipline. In between duels, both Genevieve and Celeste notice a strong animosity between Nadir and Amin.


Thursday: Among the Stars
Genevieve definitely isn’t into Nadir, as she repeatedly tells herself and Celeste. She is, however, a little bothered that he doesn’t show up for the gala that evening – for the viewers’ sake. She goes to his room to find him, but he isn’t willing to go to the party. Instead, they go outside to share techniques. When he shows her an updated version of his display, things get a little out of hand. They kiss and she realises that his so-called brooding is caused by painful shyness. Celeste and a few of the others sees the two of them and Genevieve flees the scene, freaked out at her own actions.

Friday: Obstacles
Genevieve tries to ignore the evening before, but is forced to face it when Nadir comes to talk. He suggests they slow things down and invites her to Egypt. Before they head to the last discipline, he says there’s something he wants to say, but it’ll have to wait. Genevieve makes it through the last discipline quickly, but the last room catches her off guard: She’s met by a wall of flames. The fire spreads the more magic she uses and finally she passes out.020

Friday: Impossible Spells
Genevieve wakes up in an unknown basement room in the manor with Nadir and Amin. Amin is threatening to use eternal flames to burn down the manor with them in it if they don’t reverse engineer a spell cast on an object they find in there. It’s a small jewellery box and Amin insists that the spell in it is a spell that was used to resurrect Orion as a ghost. After looking at the box, though, Genevieve and Nadir can discern that it wasn’t used to resurrect Orion but rather to kill him. Amin tries to kill the two anyway to get rid of the witnesses, but Celeste interrupts and takes him down.

Saturday: Ghosts
Celeste takes care of Genevieve who’s still in distress about what happened in the basement. At the same time, her desire to forgive Nadir for everything confuses her. When she’s a little better, everyone gathers in the living room to hear the Egyptians out. Amin asked for Nadir’s help on finding the ghost spell and in exchange he promised that Nadir could bring he grandfather back. Amin himself did it for his wife. However, the spell is a killing spell and the question of who killed Orion seems to be answered when he claims to have done it himself – even though that isn’t possible and Isadora protests.

Epilogue: A New Purpose
Everyone stays at the manor over the weekend while Celeste and her partner conduct interrogations with everyone. It’s clear after everything that Orion didn’t kill himself – Isadora is definitely the one. Gabriel will likely be punished as well and Genevieve might expect to be offered to be the organiser of the Tournament. She’s also declared the winner for the seventh time because Nadir is disqualified. After the award ceremony, she finds Nadir in her room, as he’s been let in by Celeste. He explains that he has genuine feelings for her and understands that she’s angry – it’s also his plan to make up for his mistakes by helping the Council learn more about the impossible spells and their origins. Genevieve declares that she will investigate them, too, and they share a tender moment before he has to leave. Back at her home, Genevieve starts her new research…

the end


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