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    Posepack | Table Chats

    Hi guyysssss! How would you like some kind of shitty conversation poses? Oh man, I even made myself excited. Let’s look at these darn things! This is a set of six (not so) glorious conversation poses. Some were used for my most recent chapter, while others have been languishing in my folder full of pitiful poses that will never see the light of day (probably). No longer, though! Time for these poses to become real boys.

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    Monte Vista Stories | Generation 2 Characters

    Hi guys, it’s a character bio kind of day to me – that’s just the mood I’m in. However, pretty much all the other character bios are literally full of spoilers, so for now I’m only releasing the three Mancini kids. I’m not going to include characters who were introduced in generation 1 here, apart from Marta. She’s here because this is her as a young adult and the other was her as a child. If you want a look at the bios for generation 1, go here! This post is a work in progress and is updated as generation 2 and extras come out. If you’re up to date…

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    Tutorial | How I Do My Photos

    Sooooo, maybe you’re aware that I take Sims photos sometimes. A few of them here and there, not much. Recently Lila Remonn of the Kingston Legacy fame did a little tutorial on taking photos. She’s pretty awesome at what she does, so I think you should definitely head over there and read it. Especially because then I won’t have to talk too much about composition and the rule of thirds and such. I’m lazy and ignorant. Derp. There are, however, also some places where I differ from Lila. Specifically, she goes for a more realistic feel, while I’m more about trying to convey mood, emotion, and a romantic, cozy atmosphere.…

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    Photoshoot | Stolen Moments

    Hi guys, Today, I’m posting a cute little summery photoshoot because I’m happy. I went to my oral maths exam today and passed with a top grade. The weather is beautiful, I’m going out to dinner with boyfriend tonight, and life is great πŸ™‚ I thought I would share a little of my summery happiness, then, in the form of a cute little shoot with Carlo and Vittoria – because I like taking pictures of their beautiful faces, and I don’t want to post pics of Gina and her love interest… yet. A few notes about this shoot: It’s hard to summery-fy Carlo. I considered putting him in shorts or…

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    Photoshoot | Getaway

    Hi guyysssss! So, it’s the first day of me posting something other than a chapter. Last week when I made the decision to do that, it seemed like such a good idea! Photoshoots! Articles! Backstory! So, as the weekend got closer, I sat down and thought: What to do? And I had no freaking idea πŸ˜€ That was, until I stumbled on these photos. They were actually supposed to be part of the finale of A Monte Vista story, but then I changed my mind and dropped them, which was a little sad, because I think they’re pretty cute! I can’t say anything more about the context, as some of…