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    Pose Dump | Romantic Poses

    Hi guys! I’m checking in with a little pose dump and isn’t that just appropriate? It being Valentine’s day and all! So if you’ve been looking for some height-adjusted, slightly finicky, and illogically named poses of lurve, you’re in the right place (and a little weird). This dump consists of various poses I’ve made for Gina and Enzo and as is always the case when I make a lot of poses, I’ll probably only end up using half in the actual story. At least you guys can benefit from them, though. That said: These poses are extremely finicky. This is not a drill. If you get easily frustrated fiddling with…

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    Posedump | 25 (Non-Listed) Poses

    Hi everyone! I know I’ve already posted today, but I thought today would be good to dump a little Christmas present on you guys. This time it’s a pose dump consisting of mostly story-telling poses that I’ve made for this and that. They’re pretty recent this time (thankfully) and all from Monte Vista Stories, so lots of poses for all your criminal needs (… no? Just me? Kay). This time, you get: 25 poses in non-listed format 9 stand-alone poses for adults 11 coupled sets for adults/teens 1 coupled set for an adult and a child Pose codes in a .txt file A note on height-adjustment A list of links…

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    Posepack | Emotive Talks

    Hi guyssss! I bring you a gift in the form of a rather boring, but practical posepack. Though saying that, my seated conversation poses were flagged on Tumblr for being inappropriate, so it may well be that this one is also 2 hot 4 Tumblr. Probably not, though. I made this one because I have a whole lot of chapters coming up with a whole lot of talking (emotional talking – see, there’s a theme to this thing). Unfortunately, conversation poses tend to just fall into arguing or neutral/happy kind of conversations, so I made these which display a range of different emotions. I think they’re extremely useful and there’s…

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    Posedump | 28 (Non-Listed) Poses

    Hi guys! I’m almost back from my break, but before the story continues, I thought I’d give you the first of two posedumps I’m planning. I’ve been making poses since 2014 (according to my pose folder, anyway), and because I’m both lazy AND a perfectionist, there’s a fair few poses I never released. Sometimes it was perfectionism getting in the way, but mostly just laziness. Since posedumps are pretty awesome, I figured – why not do it this way! Some of them are from 2014, which means they are wonky as HECK. It even includes what I think must be one of my first attempts at a couple’s pose –…

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    Photoshoot + Posepack | Rainy Day

    I long for autumn rains. Long walks in the forest with my raincoat and boots on… Since the weather is all over the place, I guess the only way I’ll get nice, lovely autumn rains is in ts3. This is second part of my little autumn shoot (the first part of which is here), but it’s also got a nice little bonus – the poses that I made for this shoot are available for download at the end. I intended this as a little way to celebrate my birthday yesterday, so I wanted to put it out then but that didn’t quite work out. Here they are instead, though! Let’s…

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    Posepack(s) | A Formal Affair

    Hi guys! So, in my latest chapter I promised that I’d share the poses I had made for it. I thought that would be a simple thing. They were made, after all, and all I would need to do was to take preview pics and pack them, right? Ha, ha, ha… no. First the dancing ones needed some editing done to the female sim’s mouth. You can’t see this in the chapter, but it looked odd and boxy. Then I figured – hey, since these were made with Gina in mind, the female facial expressions are angry, so let’s just add smiling variants. Then I might as well add the…

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    Posepack | Table Chats

    Hi guyysssss! How would you like some kind of shitty conversation poses? Oh man, I even made myself excited. Let’s look at these darn things! This is a set of six (not so) glorious conversation poses. Some were used for my most recent chapter, while others have been languishing in my folder full of pitiful poses that will never see the light of day (probably). No longer, though! Time for these poses to become real boys.

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    Posepack | Disaster

    ZING! Pose time! I did say I might get it out today, after all I had the previews and I just had to make it list compatible and test. If you like inflicting pain and suffering on innocent pixel people, you’re in luck as that’s just what this pack’s somewhat hyperbolic name would suggest you can do! This one’ll have your Sims suffering in no time flat. “But Louise,” I hear you say. “Despair and violence is all well and good, but does this one have your signature funky elbows?” Oh, does it ever, imaginary friend! And I throw in some bonus wonky knees because I’m generous like that. Real…