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    Posepack | Table Chats

    Hi guyysssss! How would you like some kind of shitty conversation poses? Oh man, I even made myself excited. Let’s look at these darn things! This is a set of six (not so) glorious conversation poses. Some were used for my most recent chapter, while others have been languishing in my folder full of pitiful poses that will never see the light of day (probably). No longer, though! Time for these poses to become real boys.

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    Monte Vista Stories | Generation 1 Characters

    This post looks AWFUL in the reader. If you don’t want your eyes to bleed, read it on the blog. Hey everyone! Today, I bring a little extra for you. And by little, I mean have you even read any of my ‘little’ extras and if you have, do you truly believe it’s little at all? What we have here are character profiles for the characters from the first generation of Monte Vista Stories. I got a little carried away yesterday and ended up taking pictures of everyone (even characters nobody cares about, ever) and I’m writing bios for everyone. By that I mean, below you’ll find bios of characters…

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    Taggy Stuff(-ish) | Genderbend Challenge

    Edited to add Amy’s awesome logo! This challenge is like a thing now with tags and everything. Check it out! As you might already know, people are bending the genders of their characters, and I want in! Fair warning, though – I’m about to show you something that may turn your stomach. Namely, Carlo as a woman. It’s horrible. It’s an abomination. So, now that you’re properly warned, let’s hop to it! Let’s get the not-so-great out of the way first with the AMVS mains…

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    Photoshoot | Getaway

    Hi guyysssss! So, it’s the first day of me posting something other than a chapter. Last week when I made the decision to do that, it seemed like such a good idea! Photoshoots! Articles! Backstory! So, as the weekend got closer, I sat down and thought: What to do? And I had no freaking idea 😀 That was, until I stumbled on these photos. They were actually supposed to be part of the finale of A Monte Vista story, but then I changed my mind and dropped them, which was a little sad, because I think they’re pretty cute! I can’t say anything more about the context, as some of…

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    Extras | Photoshoot – Simpler Times

    Hi guys, I’m back for an extra post – the story isn’t back until 31st of March. Instead, I bring you a photoshoot. I felt like playing around with ReShade after seeing the cool stuff Lila Remonn managed to do with it (go check it out – she’s so good at it!) – it encouraged me to be a little ‘braver’ so to speak and use some of the cool effects that I might otherwise fear are a bit much. Today, I wanted to do a shoot of Carlo and Vittoria, but one that was a bit more lighthearted and sweet – a throwback to when things were simpler in…

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    Monte Vista Stories | 1.16. Another Kind of Evil

    WARNING: This chapter has visible blood and descriptions of violence. Tread with care. It was the middle of the night and Vittoria couldn’t sleep until she saw Marta back safe. The idiocy of relying on a small girl to deliver messages had been obvious as soon as Franco suggested it, but she couldn’t think of a better way. She needed to be able to contact Franco in case one of them learnt something important – phones were out of the question, as were online means, and they didn’t know anyone else they could trust. So, that was how Marta had become their courier. There were a million ways it could…

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    Posepack | Real Smile Poses

    Hi guys! I’m back with some new poses, but not storytelling poses. It’s bizarre, I know. Rather, I bring you three model poses with Sims actually smiling. Okay, so I do have some model poses in my game that smile, but the thing about smiling is that it’s more than just lifting the corners of the mouth. A real smile changes the whole face – the eyebrows lift, the eyes scrunch up because the cheek muscles move. Lots of cool stuff happening with a true smile! Many of the smiling poses I have don’t reach the eyes and consequently it just looks wrong (either that or I’m very picky with…