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    Photo Shoot | Holiday Cheer

    Hi guys! 🙂 As is obvious from… well, the whole blog, I’ve changed my theme to be a little festive 🙂 I had a ton of fun making poses and setting up festive rooms for this, so obviously I’m not just going to let you off easy with just the few small pictures in the header. Basically, here’s some more pictures from the layout shoot I did. I hope you like them! Now then, like I said, these were a lot of fun to take. I’m especially pleased with the pose I made for Carlo and Vittoria – she looks so devious and then of course there’s Carlo in an…

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    Photo Shoot | Starlight Becomes You

    Hi guys, I’m here with an impulse photo shoot for you. I was actually planning on spending a night listening to podcasts and playing Slime Rancher, but Enzo’s cute face compelled me. So here we are – I hope you like it! There we are, then. I hope you guys enjoyed these. I’m actually pretty happy with these, unusually enough for me. For something I threw together on a whim, though, I do think they’re pretty nice. They also display (kind of – not all do, but in some you can see) my new mods. I got a mod to replace the stars and clouds. I think it looks amazing, and…

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    Photo Shoot | Artful Thief

    I’ve wanted to do another photo shoot for some time, because it’s been a while and it’s fun. I finally managed to come up with an idea and shoot some pics that I’m halfway satisfied with. This one combines my two favourite things right now: Mirror floors and Regina. Thus, this is officially the first generation 2 photo shoot! Let’s get right to it, shall we?

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    Tutorial | How I Do My Photos

    Sooooo, maybe you’re aware that I take Sims photos sometimes. A few of them here and there, not much. Recently Lila Remonn of the Kingston Legacy fame did a little tutorial on taking photos. She’s pretty awesome at what she does, so I think you should definitely head over there and read it. Especially because then I won’t have to talk too much about composition and the rule of thirds and such. I’m lazy and ignorant. Derp. There are, however, also some places where I differ from Lila. Specifically, she goes for a more realistic feel, while I’m more about trying to convey mood, emotion, and a romantic, cozy atmosphere.…

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    Extras | Photoshoot – Simpler Times

    Hi guys, I’m back for an extra post – the story isn’t back until 31st of March. Instead, I bring you a photoshoot. I felt like playing around with ReShade after seeing the cool stuff Lila Remonn managed to do with it (go check it out – she’s so good at it!) – it encouraged me to be a little ‘braver’ so to speak and use some of the cool effects that I might otherwise fear are a bit much. Today, I wanted to do a shoot of Carlo and Vittoria, but one that was a bit more lighthearted and sweet – a throwback to when things were simpler in…

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    Extras | Photoshoot: Sunny/Stellar

    Hi guys! So, this post has been in my drafts since Wednesday or Thursday or something and I decided to get it out there today. For some reason, I was a little insecure about this one so now I’m just going to post it before I convince myself to keep it in the drafts (or delete it). It’s another photoshoot (tired of that yet?). After I did the Carlo/Vittoria one I also wanted to do one with my sweet little nerds and the colour scheme is inspired by Nadir’s moodboard from the moodboard tag, because I thought it was kind of neat. Then I also took some other snaps on…

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    Random | Valentine Photoshoot

    Hi guys, this is just me checking in with a little photoshoot I did. Now, other than for storytelling, I don’t do many, but since I just changed my default skin texture and installed the HQ mod (everything is so pretty oh my word), I wanted to snap some pictures. Since it’s Valentine’s Day today, I thought it would be fitting to make a romantic photoshoot of my messed up couples. Yay! It’s not even because I do much for Valentine’s day. I gave boyfriend a Valentine’s teablend and he has the flu so he hasn’t really been in any shape to give me anything. But well, I like romantic(-ish)…