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Photo Shoot | Starlight Becomes You

Hi guys,

I’m here with an impulse photo shoot for you. I was actually planning on spending a night listening to podcasts and playing Slime Rancher, but Enzo’s cute face compelled me. So here we are – I hope you like it!

There we are, then. I hope you guys enjoyed these. I’m actually pretty happy with these, unusually enough for me. For something I threw together on a whim, though, I do think they’re pretty nice. They also display (kind of – not all do, but in some you can see) my new mods. I got a mod to replace the stars and clouds. I think it looksΒ amazing, and it always makes so happy when I find little ways to alter the game to my taste. It’s like it just gets closer and closer to how I like it πŸ™‚

And can I just mention that I think this hairstyle is gorgeous for Gina? Though honestly, nearly every hairstyle I’ve tried on her looks great. Contrast that with Vittoria who looks dreadful with almost all styles apart from like two or three.

Anyway, thanks for checking these out. I’ll see you in the next post πŸ™‚



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