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    Posedump | 28 (Non-Listed) Poses

    Hi guys! I’m almost back from my break, but before the story continues, I thought I’d give you the first of two posedumps I’m planning. I’ve been making poses since 2014 (according to my pose folder, anyway), and because I’m both lazy AND a perfectionist, there’s a fair few poses I never released. Sometimes it was perfectionism getting in the way, but mostly just laziness. Since posedumps are pretty awesome, I figured – why not do it this way! Some of them are from 2014, which means they are wonky as HECK. It even includes what I think must be one of my first attempts at a couple’s pose –…

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    Photoshoot(ish) | Layout Pictures

    Okay, look, so I normally don’t make a post just to say that I’ve made a new layout but… I made a new layout, you guys! 😀 It’s not the only reason I’m making this post of course. Truth is, I miss posting, so now I’m just going to take the bigger versions of the pics you can already see on the blog and I’m going to dump them on your faces for no particular reason. It’s a photoshoot… but not really. Still, I’m pretty proud of how they came out and wanted to share. I’m still on a break with the story until the 20th. That gives me a…

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    A Little More Rest

    Hi guys, I’m just dropping in to say that I’m extending my break by another week. I know this is why others won’t put dates on their breaks and that it’s just extremely annoying to have me writing like this, but I like having a set date. Maybe it’s dumb – it’s not like anyone is going to hold me to it, but it’s my preference. So far, I’ve only managed to write one chapter and as I mentioned I want a bit more of a buffer before then. I know I was planning to take another week off, but I can already tell that if next week is going…

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    Taking a Rest

    So I’ve been keeping to a strict once-a-week schedule for gen 2 so far and I’m overall enjoying it. So far, I think gen 2 is way better than the first and I’m enjoying writing it and hearing your speculations and commentary. Up until now, I’ve been ahead with my chapters as you guys might have seen on my chapter listing. I like that. But as you can guess from my wording just now, I’ve been ahead until now. I’m not anymore. The next chapter isn’t written. I know the title of it (it’s in the chapter list, after all), but besides that, I don’t have any photos I’m happy…

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    Photoshoot + Posepack | Rainy Day

    I long for autumn rains. Long walks in the forest with my raincoat and boots on… Since the weather is all over the place, I guess the only way I’ll get nice, lovely autumn rains is in ts3. This is second part of my little autumn shoot (the first part of which is here), but it’s also got a nice little bonus – the poses that I made for this shoot are available for download at the end. I intended this as a little way to celebrate my birthday yesterday, so I wanted to put it out then but that didn’t quite work out. Here they are instead, though! Let’s…

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    Photoshoot | Autumn Day

    I thought it was about time I did another photo collection, and since all of Tumblr is full of nice autumn pictures (way nicer than these, to be honest), I wanted to do my own. I’ve done more than these, but they’ll be released at a later date, separately – and they might include a few poses for download 🙂 So, without further ado – here’s a little autumn day shoot.

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    Posepack(s) | A Formal Affair

    Hi guys! So, in my latest chapter I promised that I’d share the poses I had made for it. I thought that would be a simple thing. They were made, after all, and all I would need to do was to take preview pics and pack them, right? Ha, ha, ha… no. First the dancing ones needed some editing done to the female sim’s mouth. You can’t see this in the chapter, but it looked odd and boxy. Then I figured – hey, since these were made with Gina in mind, the female facial expressions are angry, so let’s just add smiling variants. Then I might as well add the…