Generation 2 – Recaps

This is the recap page for generation two of Monte Vista Stories. This page contains spoilers for the story, so if you haven’t read it yet, tread with care.


1. Regina:
While visiting her mother’s cabin with her family, Regina is woken up in the middle of the night by male voices. To her delight, it’s two boys her own age who are trying to steal her mother’s car – and failing. She teases them and asks them to meet her the following night so that she can show them how to properly commit a crime. In the morning, she ponders telling her family about it, but decides against it. It would be a shame to worry them, after all!

2. Lockpicking for Beginners:
Regina goes to meet with the boys and only one of them shows up. Not that she minds – it’s the one she thought was gorgeous, Enzo. The two of them break into the library. He learns about her family connections, and she learns that his name is Vincente and that he’s from a wealthy family descended from nobility. They agree to meet up the next evening to do more breaking and entering.

3. Tension:
During another nightly excursion, Enzo tries and fails to pick a lock. She does it for him to get them inside the public pool quickly. Once inside, they talk about their respective families. He tells her that he’s supposed to be a lawyer and later inherit his dad’s estate – and it’s not something he gets to choose. When Gina tells him she has a choice about her profession, he doesn’t seem to believe it. On a later excursion, he manages to pick a lock for the first time, and there’s a growing tension between the two.

4. A Good Teacher:
Regina is caught sneaking out by her sister Marta, who agrees not to say anything about it, so long as Gina doesn’t stay out too long. She keeps meeting up with Enzo, and gradually the two stop breaking and entering – they prefer to talk. By the time two weeks have passed, Gina finally sees her chance and tells him that she wants a kiss. He wants the same and several kisses follow. Years later, Gina would wonder if she knew it would be the last.

5. A Lesson on Wealth:
Regina waits for Enzo at the spot where they usually meet, but when he shows up, something isn’t right. He tells her he doesn’t want to see her anymore, because of his family’s standing in town; he says he was only bored and that’s why he was seeing her. Gina, devastated, shouts obscenities and goes home. Another nasty surprise awaits her back at the cabin. It turns out that Enzo’s dad reported her for “harassing” his son. She’s admonished and then comforted by her dad, who tells her that’s how wealthy people are.

6. A Father’s Pride:
Eight years later, Regina is in Collesena to talk to a client about a painting. It was stolen from her, then stolen from the thief. Gina doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for the woman; despite the fact that she works for rich people all the time, she doesn’t care for them. Her dad tells her that their client asked specifically for her and that Gina is making a good reputation for herself. Meanwhile, Enzo is heading off to work and later on to Monte Vista. His dad isn’t approving, but Enzo does his best to control his anger. While walking, he looks around, hoping he might see Regina as he has done for the past eight years.

7. The Forgery:
Regina is back in Monte Vista and she’s quite on edge. She has to run herself ragged to keep herself from snapping at people. It doesn’t even really work: She meets up with her best friend, Carlotta, to steal the painting Ms. Antonini asked for, and she ends up snapping at Lotta. They make up after and go to get the painting. It turns out it’s a forgery, though, and just as they’re about to leave, they’re discovered by the last person Gina wants to see.

8. Certified Forgery:
Gina and Enzo’s first meeting in eight years isn’t exactly a positive experience. He calls the police on her and Carlotta, and while waiting Gina makes it clear to him that the painting is fake. To her surprise, he’s absolutely terrified. A police officer comes, but immediately lets Gina and Carlotta go. Once home, the reality of the meeting hits her, and she’s comforted by her dad… at the same time, she’s saddened because he’s yet again talking of retirement. Meanwhile, Enzo is freaking out about the forged painting. His best friend tries to calm him down, but Enzo insists that he’s going to see Gina. He needs the real painting.

9. A New Client:
While Gina is gardening to blow off some steam, she’s visited by Enzo – much to her chagrin. He’s determined to find the real painting, and he wants to hire the Good Guys to get it. She’s dead-set against it, until he offers an absurd amount of money for it. She can’t refuse his offer without hurting her reputation with her gang and other potential clients. She has to accept but makes it clear that it’s not because she wants to. Enzo later comes home to find that Lorenzo has called his sister, Rosalia, to try and get him to come to his senses. Enzo calms her down and assures her that he knows what he’s doing. She’s not convinced, but is somewhat comforted by the fact that he promises to stick by her.

10. Rinse:
Regina brings Franco to meet Enzo’s appraiser, Gualberto Pesaro. Franco already knows Pesaro and the appraiser assures them that when he looked at the painting it was real. Franco and Gina draw the conclusion that the painting must have been replaced with a fake sometime after Pesaro saw it. They suspect Enzo’s merchant – however, Franco knows this merchant as well and he’s not usually a scammer. Regina arranges to meet with him regardless. Back home she’s met by her siblings, sister-in-law, and nephew who are all over for lunch and to tell her some good news: Flora and Giuliano are engaged, at last.

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