Generation 2

Regina Mancini has known her share of heartbreak, but the first one always stuck in her mind. That’s why it’s extra shocking to have Vincente ‘Enzo’ Cavalcante walk back into her life. Enzo is desperate – a painting in his possession turns out to be fake and he needs the real one. When he hires Gina’s gang to find it, they’re stuck negotiating the world of art theft and aristocrats together.

The story contains elements that may not be suitable for all readers, such as hard language, violence, visible injuries, and sexual themes. I provide warnings when appropriate, though never for swearing, unless it’s particularly bad.


1. Regina

2. Lockpicking for Beginners

3. Tension

4. A Good Teacher

5. A Lesson on Wealth



6. A Father’s Pride

7. The Forgery

8. Certified Forgery

9. A New Client

 10. Rinse

11. Repeat (18th of August 2018)

The titles of the chapters are subject to change up until the day of posting.

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