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Monte Vista Stories | Generation 2 Characters

Hi guys, it’s a character bio kind of day to me – that’s just the mood I’m in. However, pretty much all the other character bios are literally full of spoilers, so for now I’m only releasing the three Mancini kids. I’m not going to include characters who were introduced in generation 1 here, apart from Marta. She’s here because this is her as a young adult and the other was her as a child. If you want a look at the bios for generation 1, go here!

This post is a work in progress and is updated as generation 2 and extras come out. If you’re up to date on the story, you should be fine, otherwise, stay clear if you want to avoid spoilers. As was the case with the other bio page, this one looks like a nightmare in the reader, so I suggest reading it on the blog proper.

I hope you guys are having a great time and I’ll see you tomorrow for the next chapter.

Regina Mancini

Regina is the youngest child of Carlo and Vittoria Mancini and the only one of the three to take up the ‘family business’. She adores her father and looks up to him most of all people in the world.

She grew up with him and her siblings in Monte Vista but made regular visits to her mother’s cabin in Collesena from the time she started school. Her relationship with her mother has never been as close, since as long as she can remember, Vittoria has pretended to be their aunt Lucia.

Regina went to university briefly, but after little under a year, she was so dreadfully bored that she couldn’t take it anymore and she went home to join the gang. In the gang she has become the one expert to go to when dealing with art heists, this is both because she studied art history, and because she has a genuine love for fine art.

She’s generally temperamental and impulsive, but also fiercely protective of the ones she loves.

Giuliano Mancini

Giuliano is the oldest of Carlo and Vittoria’s biological children and the only boy. As opposed to his brash, loud, confident sister, he’s always been quiet, thoughtful, and a bit of a doormat. His sister used to get him into all kinds of trouble before he grew a bit more of a backbone.

He’s remained quiet, though, and he’s decided to not be in the family business. He loves maths and numbers more than anything and works as an accountant because of that passion.

He’s in a relationship with a childhood friend, Flora, and acts as a father to her son, Gabriele.

Personality-wise, he’s thoughtful, considerate, and very much a dork. He is always available to help those he loves.

Marta Zini Mancini

Marta is the daughter of Alberto and Tatiana Zini and was adopted by Carlo after her father died and she got out of Lucia Giocondo’s clutches.

Despite spending the latter half of her childhood in a safe, loving environment, she still suffers panic attacks and nightmares after the things she’s been through. She sees therapists regularly and is very mindful of not straining her mental capacities.

She works as a private detective, a job that is both exciting enough to keep her brain stimulated, but also boring enough that it doesn’t trigger her anxieties, since she mostly works with cases about cheating spouses.

In her spare time, she writes fanfics and through them processes some of her fears. When she has sleepless nights, she gets up and braids her long hair in complex braids – consequently she’s become pretty good with hairstyles and is usually the one to help her family when they need their hair styled for different events.

Vincente 'Enzo' Cavalcante VII

Vincente is the oldest son and heir of Vincente Cavalcante VI, a wealthy aristocrat who has a strong hold on the town of Collesena.
He was raised with a strict schedule, so even in the summer, all his days were occupied with lessons and classes with tutors.
He studied law at university and after completing his education, he went home to Collesena to practice as a lawyer and find a family approved wife.

Carlotta Allegri

As a straight A student with a bright future ahead of her, nobody expected Carlotta to join Good Guys Inc. after school, but that’s exactly what happened. It's still a mystery to most people how she and Gina managed to make friends, considering their differences.
Carlotta has taken on a role in the gang that mirrors Franco Bianchi, though with a bit of a narrower scope. She doesn’t have his wide network of contacts—yet—but relies instead on her senses and intuition to glean information about people and use it to her and the gang’s advantage.

Lorenzo Sartore

Lorenzo is the elder child of the Sartore family and Vincente Cavalcante VII’s best friend since childhood. When they were younger, Vincente had a talent for getting both of the boys in to trouble and Lorenzo would usually be the one to get them out of it again.
Because of his friend’s acting out, Lorenzo is protective of him. He always worries that his friend will get himself into trouble the way he did when he was younger.

Rosalia Cavalcante

Rosalia is the youngest of Vincente Cavalcante VI and Georgette Desjardins’ children. She's engaged to be married to a family friend, though many had assumed she would marry her childhood boyfriend, Lorenzo.

Flora Agostini

Flora grew up with strict, religious parents who kicked her out when she became pregnant at the age of sixteen. Abandoned by the child’s father, Flora had no other choice but to get by as best as she could with the help of an aunt.
She knew and was fond of Giuliano Mancini when she was young, but because she was in a relationship at the time, nothing came of their attraction. The two eventually met again and through various circumstances they got together.
She’s still a woman of strong faith, though she’s relaxed a lot on the strict ideals she grew up with. She studies to be a therapist and aspires to help young women in the same type of situation she was in.

Gabriele Agostini

Gabriele is the son of Flora Agostini and her high school boyfriend. Until the age of three, he was raised by his mother alone and rarely saw other children; consequently he’s a little shy and awkward around others.
He never knew his biological father and considers Giuliano his dad. The rest of the Mancini clan have taken him in as well and to them he’s as much a part of the family as any biological nephews and grandsons would be.

To be continued…


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