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    Photoshoot(ish) | Layout Pictures

    Okay, look, so I normally don’t make a post just to say that I’ve made a new layout but… I made a new layout, you guys! ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s not the only reason I’m making this post of course. Truth is, I miss posting, so now I’m just going to take the bigger versions of the pics you can already see on the blog and I’m going to dump them on your faces for no particular reason. It’s a photoshoot… but not really. Still, I’m pretty proud of how they came out and wanted to share. I’m still on a break with the story until the 20th. That gives me a…

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    Photoshoot + Posepack | Rainy Day

    I long for autumn rains. Long walks in the forest with my raincoat and boots on… Since the weather is all over the place, I guess the only way I’ll get nice, lovely autumn rains is in ts3. This is second part of my little autumn shoot (the first part of which is here), but it’s also got a nice little bonus – the poses that I made for this shoot are available for download at the end. I intended this as a little way to celebrate my birthday yesterday, so I wanted to put it out then but that didn’t quite work out. Here they are instead, though! Let’s…

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    Photoshoot | Autumn Day

    I thought it was about time I did another photo collection, and since all of Tumblr is full of nice autumn pictures (way nicer than these, to be honest), I wanted to do my own. I’ve done more than these, but they’ll be released at a later date, separately – and they might include a few poses for download ๐Ÿ™‚ So, without further ado – here’s a little autumn day shoot.

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    Photo Shoot | Artful Thief

    I’ve wanted to do another photo shoot for some time, because it’s been a while and it’s fun. I finally managed to come up with an idea and shoot some pics that I’m halfway satisfied with. This one combines my two favourite things right now: Mirror floors and Regina. Thus, this is officially the first generation 2 photo shoot! Let’s get right to it, shall we?

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    Monte Vista Stories | Generation 2 Characters

    Hi guys, it’s a character bio kind of day to me – that’s just the mood I’m in. However, pretty much all the other character bios are literally full of spoilers, so for now I’m only releasing the three Mancini kids. I’m not going to include characters who were introduced in generation 1 here, apart from Marta. She’s here because this is her as a young adult and the other was her as a child. If you want a look at the bios for generation 1, go here! This post is a work in progress and is updated as generation 2 and extras come out. If you’re up to date…

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    Monte Vista Stories | Generation 1 Characters

    This post looks AWFUL in the reader. If you don’t want your eyes to bleed, read it on the blog. Hey everyone! Today, I bring a little extra for you. And by little, I mean have you even read any of my ‘little’ extras and if you have, do you truly believe it’s little at all? What we have here are character profiles for the characters from the first generation of Monte Vista Stories. I got a little carried away yesterday and ended up taking pictures of everyone (even characters nobody cares about, ever) and I’m writing bios for everyone. By that I mean, below you’ll find bios of characters…

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    Extras | OC Challenge #4: Generation 2

    Hi everyone, I’m sorry for not posting anything yesterday. There are just those days where everything you make is crap and it’s better to just leave well enough alone. But I did promise something, so I figured I’d toss out these OC challenges that I’ve done for generation 2, because I think we’ve all enjoyed this when it comes around. I know it’s a bit unorthodox to do it for characters that you haven’t read about yet but… here I go, being all weird anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re interested in the other ones I’ve done, here’s for Carlo and Vittoria. And of course, this isn’t the first time Marta does…

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    Photoshoot | Stolen Moments

    Hi guys, Today, I’m posting a cute little summery photoshoot because I’m happy. I went to my oral maths exam today and passed with a top grade. The weather is beautiful, I’m going out to dinner with boyfriend tonight, and life is great ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought I would share a little of my summery happiness, then, in the form of a cute little shoot with Carlo and Vittoria – because I like taking pictures of their beautiful faces, and I don’t want to post pics of Gina and her love interest… yet. A few notes about this shoot: It’s hard to summery-fy Carlo. I considered putting him in shorts or…

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    Monte Vista Stories | Reflections on Generation 1

    That was it. What was A Monte Vista Story and is now generation one of Monte Vista Stories has come to an end. I’m not going to lie, it was a turbulent process, not nearly as easy or nice to write as other things I’ve done. But I still care a lot about what I’ve written here, and I’ve also learnt a lot in the process. There’s a lot of stuff I like and a lot of stuff I would like to change. The first generation of Monte Vista Stories is essentially a first draft. And hot diggity damn, it is flawed. Iโ€™m not going to rag anymore on how…

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    Photoshoot | AMVS Generation 2

    Hi guys, another day, another photoshoot. What is it with me? Well, I’m just in that kind of mood (or procrastinating because I should be studying for exams *shrug*). This post, I guess, functions as something like an announcement post, because you see, I’ve been working on the second generation ofย A Monte Vista Story and I’m ready to share the first pictures, yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ The second generation is different in that I’ve already started writing it – no, I haven’t even finished the first (as of this writing, I’m about to continue writing the final chapter) and I’m already writing the second. What can I say? I felt inspired and…